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Gravisheath (覇潰の血鎌) was an Orga Lux owned by Rewolf Black Institute.



Gravisheath takes the appearance of a large crimson scythe, almost sinister in appearance. When activated, it is taller than Irene.


Gravisheath was previously used by Irene Urzaiz until it was destroyed during her match with Amagiri Ayato, and was later given to Orphelia Landlufen.


Gravisheath gives its user the ability to manipulate gravity, hence the name. The user chooses the area in which gravity is effected, meaning that it could be possible to avoid the said area. The smaller the area, however, the stronger the user can choose to make the force of gravity. It is also capable of generating orbs of gravity that can be used as projectiles.

Though Gravisheath has a high compatibility rate with just about any Genestellar, though it has an extremely sinister personality and is known to alter its users both in body and in mind to suit its likes and needs. The most harmful effect comes in altering its users personalities over time, making them more bloodthirsty, irritable, and violent. There are few that can use it effectively, let alone master it.

The cost of using Gravisheath is blood, which it consumes at a very high consumption rate. Irene noted that most students who used it can hardly bear this cost and would often lose too much blood to fight efficiently. Once it deems a user compatible enough, Gravisheath modifies the user's canines into fangs in order to enable them to suck blood from others, as in Irene's case, who is the only so far capable of mastering it due to having ample 'blood supply' readily available in the battlefield. However, if the user has special blood like Orphelia, Gravisheath will surrender to the user instead.

If the Gravisheath senses its own danger, it can take over the consciousness of its user. The user also becomes unable to let go of it as it sucks blood from them as well.