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Gose Keboot (ゴース・ケブート) is a student of Arlequint Academy and a member of Sonnet. He is also a member of the organization Azdaja, partnered with Ruf Granz.


Gose is a large man with a dark complexion. He has short black hair, an unpleasant look, and a small stubble.


Gose is skilled at tricking people, managing to trick everyone in the main stadium except for Zaharoula that he was weak. At first he came off as scary, but when he saw that it didn't work, his expression soon changed to one that's gentle yet eerie and dark, and his tone and aura around him changed as well.


Skilled Fighter: Gose is skilled enough to fight on par with Ayato and the latter speculated that he was nearly as strong as Xiaofei and Ernest. Also, Zaharoula stated that he seemed used to fighting against stronger opponents.

Lux: Gose used a spear lux until it was destroyed during his match against Ayato.

  • Lost Lux (滅星煌式武装): Gose uses two Spear Lost Lux issued to him from Azdaja. One was destroyed during his battle against Ayato and he gave the other to Ruf as the second one was supposed to be his.