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The Golden Bough Alliance (金枝篇同盟) is a secret group plotting to cause a second Invertia. They are the major antagonists of the latter arcs of the series.







The Golden Bough Alliance consists of Dirk Eberwein, Madiath Mesa, Valda-Vaoth, who are working together to put together some sort of plan, which Madiath states is half ritual like. The group meets several times a year during moonless nights in an airship colored completely black, with the registration faked to point to a rich man, the actual owner being Dirk. Although they are working together on the plan, they are simply individuals working for a common goal, and as such aren't actually an alliance. Nevertheless, Madiath is fond of the name, however Dirk states that it's "incredibly lame".

The overall goal of the Golden Bough Alliance is unknown, though there have been several hints toward it. Valda, during her attempt to recruit Xinglou, stated that Xinglou's objective would be achieved faster if she joined them rather than hosting stuff like the Grand Colosseum, to which she answered that while her words were understandable, she had begun to enjoy training material from scratch, adding that while she loved fighting, she didn't like conflict, hinting that it has something to do with making people stronger.

Later on, during their meeting, Madiath mentioned that the groundwork was moving along smoothly in various places, though they were constantly plagued with a lack of manpower, and later mentioned that even if all three main members were to disappear, their plan would still work as long as they had Orphelia Landlufen. Haruka is implied to have some knowledge of their plan, hinted when Dirk asked why Madiath didn't eliminate her properly, as well as by her participation in the Eclipse. Also, Madiath states that the Festa being a great success would be beneficial to their plan, and as such uses that as an excuse as to why he hasn't taken care of Ayato, though in his case he may have other reasons.

Later on, after Dirk finds out that Madiath's wife was Yachigusa Akari, he confronted him with the information, pointing out that their previously plan failed because of Haruka, though Madiath claimed that he needed Haruka simply because his seals would remain if she died, adding that Dirk had no right to speak of Ecnart and their previous plans as he had only been riding on their coattails at the time.