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The Genkuuryuu (玄空流) is the style of fighting that Wakamiya Minato uses.


Minato was taught the Genkuuryuu by her master Sora, who had a habit of wandering and one day disappeared.



Genkuuryuu Senpa
  • Senpa (旋破): the user moves in on their opponent, slightly jumps, rears their arm back, and punches the opponent in the chest.
  • Ratetsu (螺鉄)
  • Tentsui (転槌): the user blocks the opponent's attack through a shirahadori, then spins to remove the weapon from the opponent's hands. Using the momentum, the user follows up with an elbow strike to their opponent's chest.
  • Shouketsu (衝抉): the user draws their arm up and delivers a powerful punch to the ground, creating a shockwave capable of blowing away everything nearby.
  • Junshuu (巡蹴): the user delivers a kick using momentum from a spin to their opponent.
  • Renrin (鎌輪): the user delivers a low sweep kick to their opponent to knock them off balance.