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Phoenix (鳳凰星武祭) is the ninth episode of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime.


Dirk Eberwein and Kashimaru Korona are walking at the Rewolf Black Institute's Discipline Rooms. They visited Irene Urzaiz. Dirk told her to join the Phoenix Festa in order to destroy Amagiri Ayato. When questioned as to why he was targeted, Dirk asked Korona to show Ser-Veresta. He informed Irene that the Orge Lux will be a hindrance to them. Before she agreed to participate, she asked if her younger sister was not touched. Irene was then freed from her electronic handcuffs.

Amagiri Ayato and Julis Riessfeld was at the opening ceremony of the Phoenix Festa. The loud cheer amazed Ayato. Madiath Mesa went to the podium to give the opening remarks. He introduced himself as the chairman of the Festa Steering Committe and Ayato was surprised how young he was. Julis told him that Mesa is an alumnus of Seidoukan Academy and won the Phoenix Festa.

In Mesa's speech he announce that several rules has been changed. The bans on certain weapons have been lifted, specifically the autonomous machines. Two of the puppets were briefly shown and their creators. After the speech some of the presidents of each school were shown. Dirk seems to be dissatisfied with it, on the other hand Ernest Fairclough and Claudia Enfield were smiling.

Julis invited Ayato to lunch. Ayato asked where Saya and Kirin were, then he saw Lester MacPhail and Randy Hooke. He invited them to eat lunch, but Lester declined.