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A Holiday for Two 2 (二人の休日2) is the eighth episode of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime.


The episode stars with the team practice of Sasamiya Saya & Toudou Kirin, where as a team they have to fight the robots. Their teamwork & cooperation is lacking and their resulting score is lower than the team score of Ayato & Julis.

Ayato suggests that do some other activities together & thereby spending some time together to improve their teamwork & bond.

Saya takes Kirin out to some shopping for her father's birthday present.

After that, with some encouragement from Saya, Kirin asks her for some swimming lessons. Saya informs her that Ayato would be the better choice as a tutor for swimming. Kirin blushes and responds that she wanted to do at least this behind his back and show him her spirit.

Saya then leaves to buy drinks and tells Kirin to continue practice of kicking the water. During her practice, she rams into Violet, from Queenvale Girl's Academy, ranked at # 35. She has a haughty personality and trashes Kirin who tries to apologize for the accident. After realizing that Kirin is the #1 from Seidokan Academy (former #1), she starts to act like she is generous and is overlooking this incident excusing herself from the duel due to her aching stomach.

Saya who has been watching from the sidelines until now, throws a board at Violet and knocks her down in the water. Angry Violet challenges Saya to a duel after checking that Saya is still yet unranked at Seidokan Academy. Saya agrees to the duel and instantly wins the duel by knocking out Violet with a single shot.

After the duel, Saya & Kirin chat. Saya tells Kirin that her attitude to allow anyone to abuse her (which Kirin tells maybe due to her Uncle's treatment of her, which she doesn't mind) is something that Kirin needs to work on and change. Kirin asks Saya why she picked Kirin as a partner. Saya answer with her reasons and also mentions that she saw some similarities between Kirin & Ayato which was one of the main reason.

The Kirin & Saya pair is again doing the team practice. But this time, their coordination and teamwork has improved resulting in them beating Ayato & Julis Team's score in practice. Ayato praises this improvement and tells Julis that they also need to buck up and improve.



  • The scenes with Saya and Kirin together are anime original but written by the author.