Gakusen Episode 22
 Japanese リーゼルタニア
 Romaji Riizerutania
 Volume Volume 6
 Air Date June 4, 2016
• Theme Songs•
 Opening The Asterisk War
 Ending Ai no Uta -words of love-
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 21
 Next Episode 23

Lieseltania (リーゼルタニア) is the twenty second episode of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime.



Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Everything from Ayato and the others' conversation to meeting Flora at the airport was cut due to time constraints.
  • In the light novel, Ayato and the others visit Saya's parents before heading to Lieseltania. This part is cut in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Gustave attacks Ayato inside of the building, while in the anime he attacks him outside instead.


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