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Ser-Veresta (セル=ベレスタ) is the second episode of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime.


In a dream flashback, Amagiri Haruka discusses Amagiri Ayato's power with Ayato himself, her younger brother, and explains to him that until he finds his purpose in life and discovers how he wants to use his power, he won't be able to utilize said power properly. After Ayato asks her if she's found her purpose, she replies that she is supposed to protect Ayato, which is the most important thing for her, and hugs him. Ayato tells Haruka that he, too, will protect her, and as she smiles, Ayato wakes up from the dream in his bed, with Yabuki Eishirou in the bed adjacent to his.

Ayato is jogging in the early morning, and begins to think about the events of the previous night, when Julis Riessfeld and Lester MacPhail were speaking at sundown. While Julis asks why Ayato is there, Lester demands to know who he is, to which Randy Hooke exclaims that Ayato is the new transfer student. Lester walks forward to Ayato, who introduces himself, and in response, Lester raises his axe. Eishirou runs in, recording the events, Silas attempts to block Eishirou from recording, and Randy pleads Lester to stop before anything bad happens. With one last angry remark to Julis, who has been standing by and watching, Lester, Silas, and Randy walk off. Upon Julis telling Ayato that Asterisk is not as forgiving as it seems, Ayato questions why Julis herself is fighting there, despite being a princess. Julis admits frankly that she needs money, and to get that money, she needs to first conquer the Phoenix Festa. Eishirou asks if she's found a partner yet, as the Phoenix is a tag-team Festa, and in response, Ayato asks if Julis has any friends. Immediately embarrassed, Julis states that it's not because she doesn't have any friends that she doesn't have a partner yet but that her standards are high, though she admits that she has no friends as well. Eishirou then leaves due to an upcoming deadline, but as Julis turns to go as well, Ayato stops her to ask where the boys' dorm is. She bursts out laughing after a short pause, and Ayato comments that Julis does laugh sometimes. Flustered again, Julis harshly points him to the boys' dormitory, but Ayato asks her to show him around Seidoukan Academy and the city sometime, as the favor she had promised him. Doubting his request at first, she agrees, and arranges to give him a tour around the school the next day after class and a tour around the city on their next day off. Returning to the present, Ayato smiles and continues running.

After Ayato enters the classroom with Eishirou later in the morning, he greets Julis, and she does as well. The classroom is thrown into an uproar, as Julis has never returned a greeting in public before, and Julis defends herself angrily before sitting down. A blue-haired girl sitting on the other side of Ayato awakens, and Ayato is startled to see Sasamiya Saya, his childhood friend, who he has not seen in about six years after her moving overseas. He asks after her father, Sasamiya Souichi, to which Saya answers that her father is almost doing too well, and is the reason she came to Seidoukan Academy, in order to gain exposure for the guns her father makes. As Eishirou attempts to investigate more, their teacher, Yatsuzaki Kyouko, enters the room, and demands to know why Saya was absent the day before, assigning her a make-up class. After school, Julis readies herself in the washroom as Ayato and Saya reminisce about their childhood. Curious, Saya asks about their plans and why Julis is giving him a tour, but Julis brushes it aside and turns to go with Ayato. Saya interjects, saying that as Julis seems to be so reluctant, she herself will show Ayato around, and the two girls begin to argue over who would make the better guide. Claudia Enfield suddenly arrives, surprising Ayato, and says that she would be the most qualified, as she had been attending Seidoukan since before Saya and even Julis had arrived. She returns to business, informing Ayato that his Lux weapon selection and compatibility test would be the day after and giving him documents to sign. Ayato wonders aloud if the two are friends, to which the two reply "Yes" and "No" at the same time. Julis insists that they are merely long time acquaintances, and demands for Claudia to leave, which Saya agrees with. Ayato suggests that both Julis and Saya show him around, and they agree. 

Julis explains multiple areas on campus to Ayato, with Saya listening in. Proclaiming herself to be directionally-challenged, Saya nearly begins to argue again with Julis, who is amazed the other girl even tried to give the tour. Ayato calms them by offering to get everyone drinks and take a break. Taking advantage of his absence, Saya asks Julis why, exactly, she was showing him around, and is surprised to learn that Julis had dueled Ayato and it had ended with a void, instead of Julis' death. Saya continues, stating that she knows that Julis is powerful and at least on her own level, but that neither of them is strong enough to fight Ayato. Angry, Julis suggests a duel to test Saya's self-confidence, but the two are suddenly taken aback by a sneak attack by a hooded bowman. Julis' Longiflorum attack, though aimed well, is blocked by another hooded figure wielding a spear. Saya launches two grenades from a weapon much larger than she that destroys the second figure and then the fountain, to Julis' shock. Commenting that the smaller girl is more extreme than she appears to be, Julis realizes that they are both soaked by the fountain's destruction upon Ayato's return and extreme reaction, and proceeds to freak out over their state of indecency.

The next day, Claudia remarks upon the excitement of Ayato's tour, and admits that it would be harder to catch the culprit than expected due to a lack of evidence. She informs him that Asterisk's police force, the Stjarnagarm, were not able to investigate within school grounds, as each of the six schools of Asterisk were under their own jurisdiction, and though preventative measure could be taken, Julis was uncooperative. Responding to Ayato's question of why Julis refuses to accept help or protection, Claudia muses that it is most likely that Julis has the desire to protect what she can on her own. The two step out of the elevator to find the other Orga Lux applicant already waiting: Lester MacPhail, who is just as surprised to see Ayato as Ayato is to see him.

Inside of the testing room, Claudia explains the process to Ayato: the Seidoukan equipment team measures the applicant's compatibility with the Orga Lux they're requesting, with a score of 80% or higher granting approval for the request. Lester chooses Ser-Veresta, the same weapon whose records had been altered. As Ayato watches Lester activate Ser-Veresta, he is suddenly struck by a mysterious sensation, shown in the form of purple chains. A protective barrier forms around the testing area, and Lester immediately begins to try wield the blade, with his approval score only in the low 30s. Increasingly angry, Lester is knocked back by the blade after another attempt, while Claudia notes his rejection and dropping approval rate and Ayato commenting on the will of the Orga Lux. Claudia states that the Ser-Veresta apparently cannot be won over by using force alone, as Lester is doing. As he is knocked back again, Claudia reveals that she herself is an Orga Lux user, and shows concern for Lester as he makes yet another effort. Before he even touched the handle, he is knocked back, his score now in the negatives, and the sword turns pitch black while emanating a fiery red heat. Struck again by the mysterious sensation, Ayato sees that Ser-Veresta has pointed itself directly at him, and goes to meet it, despite Claudia's increased concern. It begins attacking as Ayato dodges, and finally, Ayato is able to trick it to grasp its burning handle and sink it into the ground. After it calms and returns to its previous purple color, Claudia claps, admiring his skill. The testing team announces his compatibility rate of 97%, and Ayato is allowed to take the weapon.

Later in the evening, Ayato infiltrates the girls' dormitory once again, this time specifically landing on Claudia's balcony, to meet her at her request. Claudia herself is in the shower, and a flashback is shown of Claudia bandaging Ayato's burnt hand and requesting a favor of him. Ayato enters her room, and is shocked when Claudia steps out of the bathroom in nothing but a bathrobe, smiling.