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Power and Cost (力と代償) is the eleventh episode of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime.


At the Sirius Dome Claudia congratulated Ayato on making the main draw, telling him that she had high expectations of them. She went on to try and flirt with him, though a call from Kirin allowed him to get out of the situation. Kirin reported that Saya was missing, asking him to help look for her. Claudia pouted but ultimately prioritized finding Saya over her own time.

While looking for Saya, Ayato bumped into Priscilla who was being chased around by the Le Wolfe students Irene defeated earlier. The students demanded that he hand her over to them. He refused and took Priscilla with him, ultimately hiding on top of a building. She thanked him for his help, revealing that those students were associated with a cafe that she destroyed, and were most likely after her for revenge. She then told him that she contacted her sister which caused him to be cautious. At that moment Irene appeared thinking that Ayato had done something to Priscilla. Priscilla tried to stand up for him but her sister wouldn't hear it as she believed that he didn't have any reason to save the enemy. Seeing that she wasn't going to listen, Priscilla moved in between them. Immediately, Irene calmed down while promising to not harm him. Ayato tried to explain that he was looking for Saya but stopped as a call screen appeared from Saya telling him that she was fine.

Later the day, Irene forced her way into Dirk's office, destroying a wall in the process. Korona was scared though Dirk calmly addressed her. Irene continued by destroying his desk while telling him that Priscilla was attacked. She added that Dirk was supposed to have someone protect her when she wasn't there, however, he mentioned that as she was a regenerative Strega it wouldn't matter if she was hurt a little, prompting her to try to kill him. Her attacked was stopped by a wall and veered off course. Dirk clarified his earlier statement, telling her that Priscilla's bodyguard was unable to act due to Ayato's intervention, then reminded her of what would happen if he himself disappeared. Irene had no choice but to accept but told him to stay out of her and Ayato's fight. After she left, Dirk told Korona to divine. She ended up with the result that Irene would win the tournament, prompting him to have her get a vice president. Once she left, Dirk called someone on the phone, ordering them to connect him to Gold Eye Number 7.

The next day, Ayato told Julis that he had been invited to dinner. She was apprehensive of it because Irene and Priscilla were their next opponents, but nonetheless decided to go along with him. Priscilla welcomed them and served them handmade food. During the meal, while Priscilla was busy, Irene revealed that they had been bought by Dirk, needing a large amount of money to pay off their debt. Their entrance to Festa was restricted and any money won couldn't be used to pay off their debt. Julis wondered what her goal was, prompting her to reveal that she was ordered to crush Ayato. Irene explained that Dirk was afraid of the Ser-Veresta, most likely because he had seen its previous user fight. Ayato realized that the previous user was Haruka and thought about it, then thanked her for the information. As they finished talking, Priscilla served everyone her paella.

After they finished, Priscilla apologized to Ayato and Julis about everything. While she didn't like fighting, Irene was fighting for Priscilla, and she couldn't run away from that fact. Julis expressed concern over her providing blood, though she wasn't worried about it as that was all she could do. However, Priscilla mentioned that she was scared of the Gravisheath, mentioning that Irene had become even scarier recently.

At Seidoukan Academy, Ayato asked Julis about the Gravisheath. She asked if he was sympathizing with him, telling him to be concerned about their match instead. Troubled by it, Ayato decided to call Claudia.

A short while later, Ayato entered Claudia's room.


Anime Differences[]

  • In the light novel, Ayato spotted Priscilla after she had been captured.
  • In the light novel, Irene senses the Grimalkin member before mentioning that Priscilla was attacked.
  • In the light novel, Gold Eye Number 7 responds to Dirk after he is called.


  • At Priscilla's apartment, Irene wears a shirt that says Hermana, which means sister in Spanish, referring to the fact that she is Priscilla's sister.