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Lamilexia (吸血暴姫) is the tenth episode of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime.


At the Sirius Dome, the commentators were surprised that AR-D and RM-C won their matches in a minute. Inside of the spectating room, Ayato, Julis, Saya, Kirin, and Yabuki analyzed the match. At that moment, Saya's phone rang and she answered it. Sasamiya Souichi excitedly started explaining the power structure of the puppets, causing his daughter to try and calm him down. Ayato recognized his voice and greeted him. Once Saya brought the topic back, Souichi explained that he sent Saya a new weapon, wondering if she received it. When she told him she hadn't, he suggested for her to go check customs. After the call finished, Saya put faith in her gun Ark Van Ders and his workmanship before leaving for customs with Kirin. Eishirou decided he would leave to attempt joining the press conference while Ayato and Julis decided they would train.

In the hall, Ernesta congratulated her puppets on their win. While RM-C respectfully thanked her, AR-D boasted about his strength, causing RM-C to kick his legs out from under him. She told him that she wouldn't permit anyone to be rude to their master, though Ernesta told them that it was enough. AR-D wondered why he couldn't fight back against RM-C even though their specs were around the same level. Using a quote, Ernesta explained that it was because he was a male puppet while she was a female puppet, though in reality it was because she was his limiter.

Because of their practice, Ayato and Julis are unable to make it to Saya and Kirin's match. Suddenly, they hear cheering, spotting a crowd off to the side. They saw Irene easily defeat a group of Rewolf Black Institute students with her bare hands. After finishing them off, Irene spotted Ayato and remembered the data that Dirk showed her. Julis tried to talk her out of fighting but she wouldn't listen to her at all and activated her weapon. However, before they could fight, Irene's younger sister Priscilla appeared. She apologized to them for Irene's behavior while forcing her sister to do the same. After they left, Julis showed Ayato the data on Priscilla. She was concerned that he may be their target and told him to look out.

At the Procyon Dome, Saya and Kirin's match was about to begin. One of the commentators mistakenly assumed that Saya was the former rank 1 until her partner corrected her. The pair chose their opponents and the match began. Kirin quickly defeated her opponent, then turned to check on her partner. To everyone's surprise, Saya was using her Type 34 Heavy Wave Cannon Ark Van Ders Modified as a melee weapon to fight against the other opponent. Her opponent adapted to her fighting style but ultimately lost against her Meteor Arts.

After their match, Saya and Kirin showered. Saya explained the mechanism behind Ark Van Ders Modified to Kirin, prompting Kirin to wonder if Saya was a student of the Amagiri Shinmeiryuu, though Saya answered that she only knew a little from what Ayato taught her. As Saya exited the shower room, Kirin followed after, telling her that she need to dry herself properly. However, Saya noticed Kirin's large breasts and desired to grope them. She continuously tried to group them but Kirin blocked all of her attempts. Soon after, Ayato and Julis arrived at their room, and Saya opens the door to let them in much to Kirin's horror.

On the fifth day, Ayato and Julis faced off against a pair from Queenvail Girls' Academy. Since Ayato defeated both of their opponents last time, Julis volunteered to fight them herself. After blocking several attacks, Julis used Primrose with a chant. One of her opponents tried blocking them, yet failed when she tripped. Her partner tried to fight back against Julis, however she got caught in Julis' Semiseratta and lost.

Back in their room, Julis asked Ayato what he planned on doing. He planned on watching Saya and Kirin's match, but Julis pointed out that it would be over by the time they got there, instead suggesting that they eat. He knew of a good place, though Julis, embarrassed, offered him the sandwiches that she made. As he ate, she told him that they weren't that good, nevertheless she was happy when he complimented them. When he asked if she was going to eat, she asked him in a roundabout manner for him to pat her head like he did with the others. Julis became embarrassed and suggested that they watch a match, becoming surprised when they saw that Lester was fighting.

Lester and Randy both moved away from Irene to try and escape from her gravity attacks as they only affected a certain area. When Randy tried to attack Priscilla, Irene created a gravity field to pin him down. Lester moved in on Irene when he saw this, though she easily blocked his attack, landing a kick straight to his face. She ignored the downed Lester, moving over to his partner to finish him off. Randy tried to fight back against her but was knocked unconscious by her gravity. As Lester got back up, she was impressed by his willpower. He used his Meteor Arts Blast Nemea against her, overpowering her with sheer strength. Impressed yet again, she decided to fight him seriously. Irene moved over to Priscilla to drink some of her blood. In their room, Julis realized that Priscilla was a regenerative Strega, mentioning that if she was able to regenerate lost blood, her abilities were top class.

Irene explained to Lester about how the Gravisheath desired blood so much that it even transforms the body of the wielder to become able to gather blood. Deciding to end the match, Irene used Tres Fanega while activating a gravity fields around Lester to hold him in place. While he was able to dodge the first sphere, the other two hit his Lux and destroyed, leaving him wide open. She increased the strength of the gravity field as she put the blade of the Gravisheath to his neck. Lester was afraid of what would happen if he continued and declared that it was his loss.




Anime Differences[]

  • In the light novel, Eishirou leaves before Souichi calls Saya.
  • In the light novel, Ayato feels that something is wrong after hearing Souichi's voice.
  • In the light novel, the reason why Ayato and Julis don't make it to Saya and Kirin's match is because of the crowds. In the anime, this is changed to training.
  • The Rewolf students that Irene fought were associated with a casino that she destroyed, and they were also armed. These facts are omitted in the anime.
  • After Ayato and Julis' match, Ayato comments on her chant for Primrose, which she mentions is fanservice. This was omitted from the anime.
  • In the anime, Randy tries to target Priscilla for his attack, while in the light novel both fight Irene instead.