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Glühen Rose (華焔の魔女) is the first episode of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk anime.


At the underground Eclipse tournament, Amagiri Haruka faced off against her masked opponent. The two exchanged blows before they stopped at each end of the arena to active their respective Meteor Arts. Haruka lunged forward for one last strike, however her opponent cut her down. As she lay on the floor, Haruka apologized to Ayato.

At the end of the century, a disaster known as the Invertia struck the earth. The power of countries diminished, bring the rise of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. The Integrated Enterprise Foundation created Asterisk, each establishing a school there. Invertia also gave birth to Genestella, humans with enhanced physical abilities.

While walking along a path within Seidoukan Academy, Amagiri Ayato caught a pink handkerchief. Seeing that it came from a room above, Ayato jumped up to the windowsill, only to find Julis Riessfeld in her underwear. He apologized and turned around while she finished changing. Once she finished changing, he handed her the handkerchief. Julis thanked him for finding it. However, she immediately attacked him with Amaryllis, forcing Ayato to jump out of the window.

Ayato was confused as to why she was attacking him and Julis informed him that it was because he trespassed within the girls' dorm and peeked at a woman changing. He tried to argue in his defense, though while she accepted that he was new to Seidoukan, she wasn't about to let him off for seeing her in her underwear. Ayato told her that he didn't have a weapon, causing someone in the crowd to throw him a Sword Lux. Julis then challenged him to a duel which he reluctantly accepted.

Immediately, Julis attacked Ayato using Longiflorum. He cut down each of her flames using her sword. Seeing that he cut down her attack, she attacked him again with Longiflorum, this time lengthening the flames to improve their speed. He dodged them again, although an explosion from one of the flames blasted him away, forcing him to regain his balance. Julis was suspicious of him and wanted to know how he was able to fight back this much. She then launched Amaryllis at him. As Ayato stood there, she caused the ball of flame to explode, seemingly giving her the victory. To her surprise, he cut his way through using Futatsumizuchi, moving right up to her soon after. However, instead of cutting her school emblem, he pushed her down to the ground to protect her from an arrow. Julis was surprised that she was attacked, though she was even more surprised that Ayato not only pushed her down to the ground but also accidentally grabbed one of her breasts. Before she could do anything to him, Claudia Enfield appeared and invalidated the duel. Claudia took Ayato along with her to finish the entrance process.

It is revealed that Claudia is in the same grade as Ayato, and has been the student president for three years. She tells him that she is very proper and affable on the outside in order to hide her dark and scheming insides, and pulls up her blouse and lowers her skirt slightly in front of Ayato after asking him if he wanted to see. Embarrassed, he covers his eyes, and she calls his responses adorable. After they enter her office, she shows him the city of Asterisk as a whole, through a digital simulation, and tells him that the single expectation of students at Seidoukan Academy is to win. She then shows him the six schools of Asterisk (Saint Galahadworth Academy, Arlequint Academy, Jie Long Seventh Institute, Rewolf Black Institute, Queenvail Girls' Academy, and Seidoukan Academy) and tells him about the annual Festa fighting tournaments, saying that Asterisk basically exists to hold the Festa. However, she goes on, Seidoukan's recent track record is poor, and they need more skilled students to participate. The prize of winning a Festa tournament is discovered: any one of the winner's wishes is granted, as long as it can be done so in their world. Claudia asks for him to win.

Ayato responds that he doesn't have too much interest in tournaments, to which Claudia asks why he came to Asterisk. Ayato answers with another question: Did his older sister, Haruka, go to Seidoukan Academy?, after a very short flashback occurs Claudia shows him the glitched remains of Haruka's previous files, and tells him she had started attending five years prior, had withdrawn six months after her matriculation due to personal reasons, and that the file that Ayato was looking at was the only remaining one. She also tells him that Haruka had neither participated in the Festa nor entered the Seidoukan Academy rankings by duelling anyone, and questions whether or not Haruka had really ever attended. Claudia goes on to show Ayato a photo of an Orga Lux named Ser-Versta, describing it briefly, and told him that though there were no records of Ser-Versta being checked out, previous records from five years earlier had been deleted, giving reason to believe that Haruka had wielded Ser-Versta. She states that Haruka most likely is no longer at Seidoukan Academy, and Ayato says that he hadn't come to Asterisk to search for Haruka. Claudia repeats her first question, and he replies that he had come to search for what he was meant to do.

Claudia states that scholarship transfer students (meaning Ayato) had priority towards the use of the Orga Lux weapons, including Ser Versta, and Ayato decides to take a look. Claudia agrees to arrange it, and gives him another generic Lux to use in the meantime. It suddenly occurring to Ayato, he asks about the "final transfer paperwork" that Claudia had given as the reason as to why the duel was void. In response, Claudia giggles, walks around him, and hugs him from the back, whispering about finally meeting him. Once again, Ayato is embarrassed and flustered, and once again, Claudia steps away and claims that she is joking. She reveals that it was a lie to get the duel to stop, that Julis was the type to follow rules, and that there was no more paperwork.

Ayato arrives in his first class, led by a scowling teacher, who has him sit next to Julis, who is coincidentally in the same class. At the end of the day, Ayato expresses his desire to be friends, and Julis tells him that she is grateful for his saving her earlier and owes him a single favor, but doesn't want to be involved with him at all otherwise. The student sitting at the desk behind the two laughs, making a joke, and begins to speak to Ayato, introducing himself as Yabuki Eishirou and Ayato's roommate, and commenting on Julis' aloofness. Ayato asks if "princess" is only a nickname for Julis, and Eishirou reveals that Julis is in fact the crown princess of the country of Lieseltania, which had become a monarchy after the Invertia, and on top of that, is one of the few Strega of the Genestella. Upon Ayato's comment that Eishirou knows a lot about Julis, Eishirou tells Ayato that he is part of the Newspaper Club. Ayato then asks why a princess would be fighting in tournaments, and Eishirou says that no one knows, and even though Julis is royalty, beautiful, and powerful, she had chased away all those who were besotted with her. This resulted in bad blood and many duels, which in turn resulted in her high ranking.

Ayato suddenly remembers the first Lux he had received during the fight, and gives it to Eishirou, who is astonished and impressed. When asked how he knew, Ayato answers that it was Eishirou's voice (out of all the voices in the crowd), to which Eishirou says that Ayato is a funny guy. Suddenly, Lester MacPhail is seen demanding a response from Julis, as to why she had dueled a newcomer and would not duel him once more. She tells him that after three times, it was futile, and that she was not obligated to respond. Eishirou explains who Lester is to Ayato - in their same grade, but at rank 9, and one of the Page One - and also how the rankings of the six schools work - every school's top twelve were called the Page One. Eishirou tells Ayato that the two Page One students don't get along, and it's shown when Lester slams his axe Lux into the ground in front of Julis, demanding another rematch. After Julis responds harshly, she takes out her handkerchief, dusting herself off, and turns to walk away. Lester grabs her arm, making her drop the handkerchief, and she immediately blasts him so she can retrieve her handkerchief. Lester angrily says he can't afford to be defeated by a princess who was doing it for fun.

Julis, holding the handkerchief gently, turns and asks him furiously, "Then tell me, why do you fight?!", a flaming aura enveloping her and blowing away Lester's jacket. She then goes on to say that she has something she needs to accomplish, and to get what she wants, she needs to win all three Festas. Ayato is struck by her words.




Anime Differences[]

  • In the light novel, Julis attacks Ayato again using Primrose before asking for his name.
  • In the light novel, Julis asks the audience to give Ayato a weapon before Yabuki throws a sword Lux. In the anime, the scene is omitted.