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Fevroniya Ignatovich (フェヴローニャ・イグナトヴィチ) is the rank 1 student of Arlequint Academy and a member of Methuselah.


Fevroniya is a young girl with fluffy and curly hair that is mentioned to be lovely.


Fevroniya always speaks in an interrogative manner. Like Xinglou, she rarely makes public appearances, and meeting her required Miiko to use the connections of her junior Nanna Andersen's new friend, Sakon Chitose, the older sister of the current student council president Sakon Shuuma.

She shows exemplary dedication, seldom asserts her individuality, and quietly engages in the research tasks assigned to her without complaint. But once a month she has something she wants to do, and if her wish is not granted, she becomes extremely irritated. Her wishes range from incomprehencible like "I want to play Nine Men's Morris at an altitude of thirty thousand meters" to trivial like "I just wanna take a nap".


Great Ability: Fevroniya claims that she could maintain a draw with Orphelia Landlufen, stating "I don't feel like I can win? However, I don't feel like I'd lose?".

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Fevroniya has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

Control over the laws of physics: Fevronia uses her book with blank pages to calculate and apply changes to laws of physics. This ability is not limited to set number of moves, but only several possibilities are revealed.

  • Force amplification: Fevronia rewrites Newton's second law of motion, so her weak punch inflicts absurd force on target. For example, when she punched autonomous puppet, it was destroyed so fast it basically disappeared.
  • Gravity amplification: Fevronia rewrites some law of physics, so targets gravitate towards each other and collapse under own weight. For example, when she used this move against group of Valiants, they turned into single pebble.