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Fan Xinglou (范星露), formerly known as Wang Xiaoyuan (汪小苑) while she was the second Banyuu Tenra, is the student council president of Jie Long Seventh Institute. She is later revealed to be the same person as the first and second Banyuu Tenra.


Xinglou has black (purple in the anime) hair with a portion tied into butterfly wings. She is also mentioned to have cute features and look like a child instead of a girl. While she was Xiaoyuan, she had long black hair, loose clothes, and a look that made her seem to be various ages. Xiaofei noted that she had deep eyes that seemed to draw him in.


Xinglou has an interest in training promising people herself, referring to it as "eating food and enjoying the various flavors". Despite having a considerable amount of students that she trains, she has no interest in teaching them how to correctly use their power, sometimes ending up with students such as the Li siblings. While she enjoys fighting, she dislikes conflict and needless bloodshed, refusing to join the Golden Bough Alliance knowing they would cause this. She is a generally good person, if a little suspicious and mysterious in her motives and traits.

She is referred to as an "existence of another kind" by Helga, and Sylvia was told by the previous student council president to "not get involved more than necessary with the Banyuu Tenra as anything goes". Xinglou is knowledgeable despite her age, leading to rumors about her, though as she doesn't explain anything about it, no one knows the truth. She has had an interest in Ayato ever since the Phoenix Festa and is disappointed that he didn't come to Jie Long.

Xinglou has touched on the topic of her age, once mentioning that she fought the family head of the Night Emit several generations before and lost an arm to him. Also, according to Bujinzai, people like Xinglou grow stronger over time, though she lost half her strength by changing her body to a female child. However, her Seisenjutsu is much stronger as there is more mana in the air than before. It was confirmed by the author that all three Banyuu Tenra are the same person as Xinglou has been creating new bodies using Senjutsu and moving her consciousness into them in order to obey the Stella Carta.


During the beginning years of Asterisk, Xinglou, as the first Banyuu Tenra, arrived and established the basis of what is now known as Jie Long Seventh Institute, coming to be known as its founder. Once she built the Oushinden and trained several Seisenjutsu instructors, she left Asterisk, coming back more than ten years later with a new name, Wang Xiaoyuan, and a new body, soon becoming the second Banyuu Tenra. As the second Banyuu Tenra, she accomplished the Grand Slam, and later became a teacher after graduating. Quitting her job after an unspecified amount of time, she found a six year old Wu Xiaofei in a desolated city, and took him under her wing, training him as her first apprentice. More than ten years after the second Banyuu Tenra left, Xinglou came back to Asterisk as her current self at the age of six along with Xiaofei.


Teleportation: Using an application of the shukuchijutsu method, Xinglou can teleport people. The mana in the area around the target moves, then the scenery twists around them. Xinglou refers to it as "shorten the lay of the land and cross ten thousand ri".

Immense Physical Ability: According to Chloe, Xinglou's preferred style of combat is physical combat. Despite her small body, she is capable of sending people smashing into walls with a kick, and is also able to easily dodge attacks.

Clones: Xinglou can create clones of herself without using spell tags or incantations.

Memory Deletion: Xingou is capable of erasing people's memories, such as removing the memory of her meeting and fight with Helga from Hufeng's mind.

Sage Tool (仙具): Xinglou uses Gourensho (業煉杵), one of her sage tools, in combat when she gets serious. It is comprised of three vajra called Tokkosho (独鈷杵), Sankosho (三鈷杵), and Gokosho (五鈷杵). Normally, they float around her, but she can manipulate them to fly at her opponent at high speed with enough force to cause pillars of water to erupt or completely obliterate her opponent's arm. It is considered to be a treasure within Jie Long and no one aside from Xinglou is allowed to touch it. She is also capable of summoning these to her whenever she needs them, which is described as the area around her warping and then the sage tools appearing out of thin air.

Immense Pressure: Xinglou can give off immense pressure capable of making others unable to move.

Keen Intellect: Xinglou is able to accurately deduce the abilities of others, such as Chloe's Conveyance, even if the effects aren't visible, and is able to quickly determine where to deflect projectiles in order to prevent them from striking her.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Xinglou has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.

  • Superb Prana Control: Xinglou is able to balance her prana during combat, enabling her to fight on non solid surfaces like water, a feat Hufeng describes as extremely difficult.


  • According to the author, Xinglou's birthday is May 5th, her horoscope is Taurus, and her blood type is B. He later revealed that she was born in the year 625, making her more than 1000 years old.
  • Xinglou owns a hermitage on Huangshan, however she mentions that she moved to Mount Emei.