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Ernest Fairclough (アーネスト・フェアクロフ) is the former student council president of Saint Galahadworth Academy. He is considered one of the most powerful fighters in Asterisk with his swordsmanship being "unmatched" according to Julis. He has a younger sister Sophia Fairclough.


Ernest has chin-length blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears the Saint Galahadworth boys uniform. He is also around 20 years old.


Ernest is broad minded and has a strong presence. Despite his appearance, he is frank and sociable. After being rejected by Lei-Glems and retiring from the student council, he has a much more laid back personality.


Orga Lux: Ernest formerly wielded the Orga Lux Lei-Glems (白濾の魔剣). Lei-Glems enabled Ernest to cut what he wanted to cut and phase through what he didn't want to. However, Lei-Glems rejected Ernest following the Gryps finals when he revealed his true nature, no longer accepting him as its wielder. Ernest also carries a longsword Lux as a back up weapon.

Master Swordsman: Ernest is skilled with the sword, utilizing techniques that Ayato considered to be impossible for Kirin to use. Julis also mentions that he is much stronger than her. Even after Ayato regained his true power during the Gryps finals, he noted that Ernest was still better than him technique wise at the time.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Ernest has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.