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Elliot Forster (エリオット・フォースター) is a student and the current student council president of Saint Galahadworth Academy.


Elliot has fluffy blonde hair and a cute face that is described to have a child like innocence. He wears the Saint Galahadworth male uniform. Elliott is mentioned to be at or a little above Kirin's age.

A year later during the Gryps, he is mentioned to look older and have supple muscles across his body.


Elliot speaks in a gentle manner that enables his opponent to sense the killing intent behind it. He develops a sense of rivalry toward Ayato after their battle during the Phoenix but hasn't been able to have a rematch with him since then. He is childhood friends with Noelle Messmer due to their families being acquainted.


Elliot is the heir of the Forster family, whose ancestor founded EP, therefore he is guaranteed to join the company after graduating and may become the first Genestellar to be a top executive.


Skilled Swordsman: Elliot is skilled in the Saint Galahadworth style of sword fighting, which involves twisting the wrist to cut in an arc and also utilizing an extending thrust. His skills were enough to keep Ayato busy for a while during their match. He is as fast as Kirin but his attacks are lighter. Ayato noted that Elliot's body was soft, allowing him to freely use a wide variety of attacks while still following the basics. As of the Gryps, Ayato and Kirin noticed that he was much stronger than before.

Lux (煌式武装): Elliot wields a Claymore Lux.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Elliot has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.