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Doroteo Lemus (ドロテオ・レムス) is a student of Saint Galahadworth Academy. He is a veteran of the festas with his entry in the Phoenix being his third appearence in a festa. He has an aggresive/bold style of fighting.


Doroteo is bald and has a firm body. He wears the Saint Galahadworth male uniform. Doroteo is also described to have the appearance of an experienced warrior. He is also over 20 years old.


Doroteo Dante

Dante (魔術師): Doroteo is capable of producing armor with a high defense. He is able to instantaneously repair the armor if it gets damaged and also uses it to protect his school emblem. In addition, he can use his ability to create animate objects made of armor such as horses. However, his armor is weak to attacks like Julis' fire, as his armor has no way of protecting against heat, leading him to overheat inside.

Lux (煌式武装): Doroteo wields a large Lance Lux that he uses while riding on a horse made of armor.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Doroteo has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.