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Curtiss Wright (カーティス・ライト) is a first year high school student of Arlequint Academy.


Curtiss has unruly chestnut hair and freckles with facial features that still retain some youthful innocence.


Curtiss has a casual personality, enjoying himself during his battle with Saya and repeatedly mocking her. He mentions his motto is "fast, freely, and powerfully".


Shalurgus (シャルウルガス): Curtiss wields two bident shaped Rect Lux on his feet that he uses to fly at high speed in the air during battle. Although lacking in speed and mobility than Hufeng and RM-C, he makes up for it with unpredictable movements, which are possible due to the vernier thrusters that allow him to suddenly change direction and speed in midair.

  • Imdugud (嵐鳥天貫): Curtiss' Meteor Arts, he spins at high speed as he closes in on his opponent to attack.