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Claudia Enfield (クローディア・エンフィールド) is the student council president of Seidoukan Academy, and its #2 ranked duelist. She is the leader of Team Enfield in the Gryps Festa.


Claudia has long, wavy blonde hair with a split bangs at the crown of her head, and purple eyes. She wears the Seidoukan Academy uniform jacket, but paired with a blouse with a frilly high collar and three-frilled sleeves, and a two-tiered ruffled skirt. She wears dark boots, and stockings with garters. Her eyes change to one being teal and one being magentia when actively using her Ogra-Lux Pan-Dora, which matches the colour of each sword (in the anime).

During the time before the Lindwurm, Claudia grew out her hair and braided most of it in a ponytail. In addition, her uniform jacket now bares her shoulder areas.


Claudia is refined, friendly, and intelligent. As Student Council President, she oversees most of the school's affairs herself, and is always well informed about the going-ons in both her own school and the other schools. When with Ayato, she displays a sly and coy side, frequently teasing the hapless Ayato.

When alone with him, however, she shows a weak, delicate, and vulnerable nature. Claudia states herself as "usually quite pure/well-behaved" but also "scheming", and Ayato states her ways as "not quite ruthless". She also consistently refers to herself as "black-hearted" and is referred to as such by other high rankers from Asterisk schools. She does however show that she cares about her friends helping them several times.

She takes her role as Student Council President seriously, as she does what she can to help strengthen Seidoukan (such as teaming up with Arlequint to develop the new Rect-Lux) but also takes the well-being and safety of the students seriously.


Claudia has attended Seidoukan Academy since the first year of Junior High. She became Student Council President in middle school and has had three terms thus far. She has some sort of background with Julis, having visited Lieseltania on multiple occasions. Her mother is also an esteemed member of Integrated Enterprise Foundation, who lost her human emotions thanks to the foundations pschylogical training. Her father is also a member of the foundation and has a role in Liseltania.

She participated in the previous Gryps but their team lost to Saint Galahadworth Academy's Team Lancelot, though despite the loss she was able to destroy her old friend and rival Laetitia Blanchard's emblem. She also was said to have not been fighting at full strength during this fight as she was not even tired afterwards.

She met Amagiri Ayato on his first day of class, and intervened to end his duel with Julis, talked to him privately and helped him discover what she could find out from the system about his sister. She later took him to claim the Ser-Veresta.


Orga Lux: Claudia wields the Orga Lux Pan-Dora which allows her to see up to 300 seconds into the future. The cost is seeing nightmares depicting her own death every time she sleeps. It never shows her the same death twice but an array of different methods. She ironically refers to her Orga Lux as her "little darling" and says it is the worst of all Orga Lux personality wise.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Claudia has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.


Amagiri Ayato[]

Claudia takes deep interest in Ayato from the moment she first encounters him, protecting him from Julis' wrath and declaring their duel void. It's revealed that she was the one who pushed for Ayato's entry as a special invitee to Seidoukan Academy, despite the fact that he wasn't well known. This was later revealed to be because Pan-Dora never had Ayato kill her in her dreams, causing her to fall in love with him, leading to her efforts in admitting him for her plan. She later confesses but retracts it to confess again another time.

She's shown to look out for Ayato well-being multiple times and is noted to be playful around him. Ayato joins her in Team Enfield for the Gryps Festa.

Julis Riessfeld[]

She and Julis have known each other for a long time as her father who works in the Integrated Enterprise foundation was stationed in Liseltania where Julis is princess, having visited many times. Originally Julis was cold to her, but afterwards they became friends and she was close enough to be invited to visit Liseltania with Julis and the others, and was accepted Claudia's offer to Claudia's Gryps festa team.


  • According to the author, Claudia's birthday is June 10th, her horoscope is Gemini, and her blood type is AB.
  • Claudia has been Student Council President since some point in junior high, having had three terms. Assuming that Seidoukan Academy (and the other schools in Asterisk) uses the same school system as Japan, this would imply that Claudia has been president since her second (and middle) year of junior high, as she is currently a high school first-year.
  • She is the one who bestowed upon Ayato his nickname Murakumo (Gathering Clouds).
  • She is a highly regarded fighter having been undefeated at Seidoukan since her arrival. Though she remains modest about her own abilities without Pan-Dora.
  • She is the only sucessful wielder of Pan-Dora so far, as all of its previous attempted users would not last longer than three days after being shown its side effect. This displays her mental strength.