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Black Knight (黒騎士) is a Dante that was secretly being trained at Saint Galahadworth Academy.


Black Knight is described to be tall and handsome. He has back length rainbow colored hair and wears a black leather mask over his mouth.


Black Knight has dissociative identity disorder, with a total of 12 different personalities. The personality controlling the body switches every day. He is normally kept apart from the other students except for the student council and a select number of students and is under the direct control of the higher ups and Sinodomias.

The twelve personalities are the serious and leader like Aigredure (エーグルデュール), the timid crybaby Almace (アルマス), the blunt but kind Balisarda (バリサルダ), the gentle and calm Bapteme (バプテーム), the child like and selfish Florence (フロランス), the deeply jealous and suspicious Belan (ベラン), the frivolous and laughing Clarmie (クラルミエ), the calm and innocent Floberge (フロベルジュ), the reticent and honorable Glorieuse (グロリユーズ), the violent and short tempered Goltmale (ゴルトマーレ), the flashy and hedonistic Murgleys (ミュルグレス), and the dark and depressed Tranchera (トランケーラ).


Dante (魔術師): Black Knight is able to create a set of jet black armor with horns using the will of all 12 of his different personalities, which is strong enough to block the attacks of an Orga Lux. As all of the personalities mix together, he loses all reason and becomes beast like when using it, attacking the opponent until they stop moving. He can also change its shape such as creating spikes to impale his opponent. Lester theorized that it was strong because of Black Knight's will and not his prana.

Lux: Black Knight wields different lux depending on which personality is currently in charge. He has used handgun, blade, and broadsword lux.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Black Knight has enhanced physical ability and an aura known as prana.


  • Black Knight's Dante ability and inability to think but shout instead while using it is similar to Berserker from Fate/Zero.
  • Black Knight's different personalities are all named after swords.