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Azdaja (アシュダハ) is an organization that seeks revenge on the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.


Azdaja was formed from the remnants of the two members of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation that no longer exist: Samandal (サマンダル) and Sevelclara (セヴェルクラーラ). The former lost power once the main energy source shifted from oil to manadyte, and the latter was destroyed when it fought over a First Class Beltis Meteor against the rest of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. Because of this, they harbor a grudge toward the remaining members of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, and do what they can to cause problems for them. However, as their power is nothing compared to the Integreated Enterprise Foundation's own, their actions are more annoyances rather than actual threats.

As part of their efforts, they are trying to develop a new type of lux known as the Lost Lux, which they claim is stronger than an Orga Lux. Nevertheless, according to Dirk, they still haven't been able to produce the results they want. They are also interested in the Golden Bough Alliance and planning on helping or fighting against them depending on what their plan entails.