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Volume 8[]

After the school festival, Ayato and the others began training for the Gryps Festa. Ayato recalled that Eishirou mentioned that the Sirius Dome and the four main stages were going to be renovated. While Julis complained about it, he pointed out that she still won all of her matches. Saya added that Arlequint Academy's Sonnet Faction was going to add shock absorbing gel, revealing that the information came from Camilla. The others were surprised that they were on good terms, though Saya referred to it as a rivalry as she would eventually finish the battle with her. Ayato remembered that Saya had joined the mechanics club and she told him that she was working on a weapon for the Gryps.

At that moment, Kyouko arrived, with Claudia announcing that they were going to start training from now on with her. Although the training rooms had holographic opponents, the experienced gained from fighting a real opponent was far greater. Kyouko used her abilities to create several puppets that had the abilities of her teammates from when she won the Gryps. As the match began, Ayato tried to attack his nearby opponent, however he was forced to dodge after receiving fire. After Kyouko lectured him on how his opponents wouldn't think of fighting him in close combat, Claudia and Kirin tried to attack her, though they were stopped by the puppets. He sensed through his shiki that Saya was about to fire, dodging to let her attack Kyouko directly. Kyouko easily blocked her attack with a wall of sand though using that time Julis had moved to her her blind spot. She tried to attack using Primrose and Amaryllis, and Kyouko dodged the first and absorbed the second, using it as her ability to force her opponents away. Kyouko then lectured them on their faults before resuming the match. From that time, Ayato and his team practiced with her once a week.

Later on, Ayato visited Saya at her workshop. After handing her ice cream, he asked her why she was willing to work that hard to help him win even though she didn't have a wish she wanted to fulfill. Saya reminded him of the promise she made to help him whenever he needed it and told him that she didn't believe in the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. She then showed him the promise ticket that she had left. When Ayato asked if she was going to use it, she simply told him that she didn't have the courage to. Ayato didn't know what she meant but left to allow Saya to resume work on her weapon.

On the first day of the Gryps, Ayato and the others went to check out the new defense system. There was now a moat like gap around the stage that held the shock absorbing gel, from which it would surrounded the stage on all sides when a match began. Claudia revealed to everyone that the top executives were coming to watch the finals of the Lindvolus next year, as part of the Concordia, so they were taking every precaution to make it safe. Ayato was suspicious that Madiath was able to influence the decision of the location. As they discussed it, Ernest and the top nine Page One students came to greet them. He and Ayato exchanged greetings, explaining that certain people wanted to greet them. Laetitia declared that she would get revenge on Claudia, while Elliot declared that he would defeat Ayato. Saya pointed out that Ayato was popular with people, but before he could respond Ser-Veresta and Lei-Glems reacted to each other, trembling softly in their holders. Ernest wished them luck and left with the others, causing Claudia to mention that Ayato was quite busy.

A little while later, the opening ceremonies began with Madiath's speech. While he spoke, Ayato remembered that Madiath was a previous winner of the Phoenix Festa and wonder who his partner was, prompting Julis to tell him that it was a woman. Turning his attention back Madiath, he noted an eerie emptiness to his speech, noting that it was due to how he saw him.

After the opening ceremonies, Ayato offered to buy drinks for everyone. On his way there he was stopped by Sylvia, causing him to mention that student council presidents had a hard schedule. She simply told him that it was work, noting that this time Xinglou herself came, telling him about the person she used as her substitute. Wondering why she was disguised, Ayato asked her about it, learning that Sylvia planned to investigate in the Entertainment District again after watching his match. He warned her about her frequent investigations, which she accepted. Sylvia told him about her theory that Ursula was being manipulated, both coming to the conclusion that it was probably the work of an Ogre Lux. Changing the topic, Sylvia gave Ayato a bento that she had promised him during the school festival. As he accepted it, she softly mentioned that she was nervous, but covered it up when he asked about what she said. She then mentioned that she needed to leave and left Ayato. Unbeknownst to them, Miluse and Tuulia had seen their meeting, high fiving each other on their find.

At the Canopus Dome, Miluse began the meeting on how to oust Sylvia Lyyneheym. She tried to announce her find to the group but before she could Tuulia said it instead, causing the others to be shocked. Miluse showed them the video she had taken while Tuulia pointed out what she gave him. As they celebrated their find, Paivi noticed that the man with Sylvia looked like Ayato, which the others quickly confirmed. His name reminded Monica of the information she had gathered, showing the others the various gossip site articles hinting at a relationship between him and Julis. She went on to mention that there were other articles that hinted at a pentagonal relationship between Ayato and the other girls on his team. Miluse and Tuulia didn't quite understand, prompting Mahulena to try and explain it in a simpler way, though that ended up with them misunderstanding what she meant. Miluse decided to change their objective to helping Sylvia, setting their goal to defeating Ayato's team in the Gryps.

Once Ayato returned, Julis, Claudia, and Saya gave him cold looks for receiving the bento, prompting Kirin to try and change the mood by turning on the screen. On the screen, Miiko and Shizuna introduced the favorites, and the team took the opportunity to discuss the teams they mentioned. Claudia then turned off the screen to discuss their first opponent.

Later on, Ayato's team moved to the stage for their match. With the new defensive system, contestants now assembled in a space underneath the gel before a large pillar rose up. Once the contestants appeared from the tower, a translucent path led to a space above the stage, from where they would descend stairs to the stage. Several screens also appeared around the pillar which showed the contestants' information. Their first opponent was a team from Le Wolfe led by the student that attacked them a while earlier after being paid by Silas. The Le Wolfe team tried to overwhelm them with a saturation attack, though after Ayato and Julis easily defended against their attack, Saya and Kirin took out several members. Faced with Claudia's blade, the leader gave up.

After the match, the team was forced to sit through a twenty minute interview, where Claudia revealed her desire to meet with Ladislav Bartosik, also revealing that he was currently imprisoned. Ayato and the others were shocked for a moment before they followed after her.

In his office, Madiath was impressed by Claudia's speech during the victory interview and gave her genuine applause. Valda-Vaoth was apprehensive, demanding an explanation from him. He asked if she was concerned about her father, prompting her to tell him that while Ladislav Bartosik created her, he wasn't her father. At that moment, Dirk contacted him, demanding an explanation just like Valda. Madiath only knew that she researched him, leading to a conflict between her and Ginga. He continued to explain that the other Integrated Enterprise Foundation members would try to gain the upper hand against them, which in turn would put significant pressure on them, making it harder for them to get rid of Claudia. When Dirk asked if they would work together, Madiath answered that he would use his authority to protect Claudia as the head of the management committee, though if Ginga became serious even he couldn't do anything. Dirk seemed to be satisfied by his answer and canceled the call. Valda couldn't understand why humans tried to make things so complicated, prompting Madiath to tell her that it was much more interesting that way.

On the sixth day, Team Lancelot led by Ernest fought against their opponents. He used Lei-Glems to cut off his opponent's school emblem with ease. His opponents tried to fire back at him, though Laetitita protected him with her Aile D'ange, and Lionel took the opportunity to break their formation. While he did so, Ernest finished off two more opponents, with the last two defeated by Percival's Goat Amalthea. The commentators were surprised as Team Lancelot finished off their opponents in less than three minutes. Team Lancelot made no effort to hide their true strength as they had the confidence to go above their opponents' plans.

After their match on the seventh day, Team Enfield decided to have their meeting the next day before splitting up. Saya asked Ayato to go shopping with her to make sure she didn't get lost. After they bought what she needed, she revealed to him that she had visited the same store a year earlier, prompting Ayato to wonder why she didn't go with Kirin, earning him a pout from her. The two felt someone following them, causing Saya to tell them to come out. The people followed them started running after hearing her words but soon became lost. Having nowhere left to run, they gave up, revealing themselves to be the members of Rusalka. Miluse, Paivi, Monica, and Tuulia accused Ayato of deceiving Sylvia, demanding to know what his relationship with her was, which was also something Saya was interested in. The four then accused him of cheating on Sylvia, prompting Mahulena to try and clarify the situation. Ayato explained that he was simply helping her, and while the members of Rusalka weren't satisfied, Saya realized that he was in something complicated. She took his side, explaining to the girls that they were misunderstanding him. As Saya and Miluse began to argue, Ayato sensed prana moving, warning everyone of the danger.

At that moment, a building next to them split in half and came crumbling down, forcing both sides to retreat. Roverika and Medurone appeared from the ruins of the building. Tuulia tried to tell her off for her actions, however her words angered Roveria, causing her to try and kill Tuulia. Before she could cut her down, Ayato blocked her Vershe-Velun with the Ser-Veresta. He warned her of the penalties of causing a disturbance during a Festa, making an irritated Roverika express her anger. At that point she was told to stand down by Nevilleworth, though she refused until he pointed out that being disqualified would shame their master. He wondered if she was irritated due to meeting Minerviyu and Wakamiya Minato but she denied it, calling both of them trash. However, the members of Rusalka other than Mahulena refused to let them go and began to fight, forcing Nevilleworth to make both sides retreat by dropping a huge boulder onto the ground.

The boulder created a huge hole in the ground that made both sides unable to fight each other. Nevilleworth and Medurone left, and Roverika followed after moments later. Ayato and Rusalka looked around to make sure they were safe but were shocked when they found out that Saya and Miluse were stuck underground. After receiving a call from Saya, Ayato learned that it would be impossible for the to blast their way out. He suggested that they contact the Stjarnagarm for help, causing Monica to object, though after everyone else agreed she reluctantly changed her mind. Saya and Miluse decided that they would try to find a way out before ending their call.

A while after they became stuck in the Eclipse arena, the pair sat down on some rubble, unable to find a way out of the room. When Miluse complained about their predicament, Saya pointed out that it was their fault they were in this mess. She tried to object to her point, prompting Saya to continue to lecture her about Ayato's greatness, forcing Miluse to back down. Remembering that she had two cookies, Miluse shared one of them, commenting that people in movies that didn't share didn't look good.

Soon after, Miluse became curious of Ayato and Saya's relationship, wondering if she liked him and why she didn't confess to him. Saya didn't think of answering but quickly changed her mind, telling her that she didn't want to restrain Ayato. Miluse then shared her opinion of obtaining anything she wanted if she could, expressing her desire to dethrone Sylvia and claim the number one spot in music. When Saya pointed out that her opinion contradicted her efforts to attack Ayato for Sylvia, Miluse explained that she would help Sylvia when she needed it. She still didn't understand, though she was surprised when Miluse mentioned that suppressing feelings would only lead to regret later. Once she came to terms with her own feelings, Saya advised Miluse by telling her they could beat Sylvia in Festa results, however this time around Team Enfield would win instead. As they argued over who would win, the pair were found by Helga, Ayato, and the members of Rusalka, and were taken back to the surface.

In her dreams, Saya remembered a conversation she had in the past with Haruka after she argued with Ayato. She revealed that they had argued over why Saya didn't tell him that she was moving. Haruka advised her to be truthful with Ayato. She then gave her two popsicles, telling her to go make up with him.

Ayato woke Saya a while later as Helga entered the room they were in. Helga began their questioning, mentioning that they shouldn't have any problems with their fighting, also mentioning that Rusalka and Team Helion would have light punishments given by the management committee. She began complaining about the fact that she couldn't give out punishments herself, eventually shifting the topic to complaining about mercenaries, before returning to the topic at hand. Helga revealed that there were three entrances to the Eclipse arena; one for the contestants, one for the spectators, and one for the hosts. The one for the contestants was one way, essentially making it so that one side would have to lose before they could leave. She then revealed that the sponsors had a special ID card that enabled them to use the elevators whenever they wanted. Team Helion received the ID card from Liberio, who was one of the hosts. This prompted Ayato to ask why a place like that was untouched, to which Helga revealed that they couldn't investigate it due to pressure from the Integrated Enterprise Foundation. Once their conversation finished, Ayato and Saya left the Stjarnagarm headquarters, declining Helga's offer to have someone escort them back to their school.

A short while later, Saya handed Ayato the glasses she found. He immediately recognized them as his sister's glasses, listening to her explanation on where she found them. Saya had a suspicion that Helga knew she took them from the site, though she still wanted Ayato to have them. Ayato thanked her for them, prompting her to return his thanks.

In the fourth round, Team Enfield faced off against Team Taotie, whose members were all within rank 20 of the Jie Long rankings. Team Taotie tried to finish Ayato off first, however this was part of Team Enfield's plan. While their opponent's leader moved to try and finish him off, Claudia and Kirin defeated their opponents, allowing Julis to back Ayato up with her Nova Spina. Driven into a corner, the leader tried to finish him off, though through Saya's help and Yamonjin, Ayato was able to defeat their opponent's leader.

Once the match was over, Team Enfield finished their winner's interview and returned to their room. They then discussed the teams that would be the most troublesome before turning on the screen to watch the Team Tristan and Rusalka match.

At the Canopus Dome, Hufeng was unable to comprehend Xinglou's orders. While the first round order of fighting without Xiaofei was fine, making Xiaofei fight by himself in the second round confused him. He wouldn't have had any issues if their opponent was weak, but this time their opponent was a team lead by Seidoukan Academy's rank 4 student. However, his fears were unnecessary, as Xiaofei had easily defeated the other four members of their team. The rank 4 student tried his best to fight back, though as with the others Xiaofei easily defeated him. Cecily, Shenyun, and Shenhua were impressed by his strength which scared them at the same time. Once Xiaofei returned, the others gave him a houkenrei before he led the team off of the stage.

The moment the match began, Elliott charged forward, evading Mahulena's attacks and making his way past Paivi and Tuulia with the help of two teammates. Reaching Miluse, he tried to attack her emblem only to be forced back when she unleashed the crushing wave from her Ogre Lux. The two fought for a little while until both sides fell back as Noel's thorns began to envelop half of the stage. The members of Rusalka became trapped by the thorns but still refused to surrender. Moving to finish them off, Team Tristan attempted to attack though they were repelled by Miluse's empowered crushing wave.

The members of Team Enfield were shocked at how much the match had changed. From the moment the members of Rusalka had a blue glow in their eyes, they completely overwhelmed their opponents. Ayato realized that they were strengthening their own members and weakening their opponents, to which Claudia revealed that Lure-Poros was an Ogre Lux that was split into five different instruments since the Ulm-Manadite was too powerful. Elliott fought back until the end, though like his teammates he ultimately lost, the mechanical voice declaring Rusalka's victory.

The day before his fifth match, Ayato called Sylvia to report his finding concerning the Eclipse arena. Additionally, he thanked her for the food while she told him she would be cheering both of them during tomorrow's match. She then canceled the call and headed to the place she was heading to, which was Petra Kivilehto's office. The door opened when she knocked and she was surprised to see that Rusalka were already there. Sylvia asked if she was lecturing them, to which she answered that it was half of their conversation, the other half was praise for advancing to the final eight. Sylvia noted their lecture to be because of their fight earlier. She thanked Rusalka for standing up for her but pointed out that as they had seen, Ayato wasn't someone that would try to trick her. When she warned them that Team Enfield would be strong, she caused them to get fired up. As they left, the members except for Rusalka declared they would win, while Mahulena apologized repeatedly for their behavior.

Once they left, Petra asked Sylvia not to fire them up as they were unstable due to Lyre-Poros' cost, though Sylvia believed that they were the same from before they received the Ogre Lux. Moving on, Petra asked her if she was serious about Ayato. Sylvia asked her what she would do if that was the case, prompting Petra to tell her that she would overlook her behavior to a certain degree. However, she warned Sylvia about her other matter, revealing the existence of an organization known as the Kinshihen Alliance. Despite knowing the name, Petra had no information on them, though did know that their name began to appear when Sylvia widened her search. Sylvia promised to tone down her searching to a degree and Petra agreed.

At the special conference room at Ginga headquarters, Isabella started the executive meeting. The executives discussed the situation concerning Claudia, noting that the other Integrated Enterprise Foundation had sent requests for a fair judgement. Another tried suggesting to use Madiath by disqualifying them for a particular reason but another pointed out that he wasn't trustworthy. A different executive suggested getting rid of Ladislav, though another executive pointed out that it would break the agreement with Valda-Vaoth. A different executive suggested using the Yabuki Clan, however an executive pointed out that it was the last resort. In the end, after some discussion, the members came to a conclusion and Isabella ended the meeting.

When Claudia returned to her room the night before her fifth match, she was momentarily surprised that her mother Isabella was there, though she knew that as a top executive of Ginga she could go wherever in Seidoukan Academy as she pleased. She asked why Isabella visited, causing her to point out that there weren't any problems with a mother visiting her daughter, however Claudia didn't recall her ever acting like a mother. Isabella revealed that her visit was to find out the reason before her actions days before.

Agreeing to talk, Claudia explained that Ginga wasn't trying to hide Ladislav but rather the existence of Valda-Vaoth. Isabella was shocked that she knew about the Orga Lux and wondered where she heard about it. Ignoring her, Claudia continued on by mentioning that Valda-Vaoth could create terrorists, which was a fact that would be fatal to Ginga. Finally, she added that she learned of Valda-Vaoth from Isabella through a dream she had with Pan-Dora. Isabella decided that Claudia was much more dangerous than she anticipated, commenting as she left that she hoped Team Enfield would lose their next match. However, once she was alone, Claudia remarked to herself that there was no way she would lose when her goal was so close.

That night at Saya's workshop, Ayato reminded her that they had their match the next day. She promised that she would finish before their match. Her Lux was originally supposed to finish on time but had been delayed due to the incident involving Team Helion and the Eclipse arena. She worried about him instead, though he was fine as he had already gotten some sleep. Another moment of silence passed before Saya asked him if he had ever thought about the future. Noticing the he didn't quite understand, she clarified by saying if he had thought of anything after waking his sister. Ayato hadn't though about it and asked Saya the same question. She answered that it was a little different, telling him that she made up her mind, and remarked that she would it after what she need to do the next day. She then finished her Lux and showed it to Ayato, causing him to be surprised.

The day of the match, both teams assembled at the Sirius Dome stage. The members of Rusalka were surprised that the leader for the match was Saya but they still declared that they would win. As the match began, Monica used her Ogre Lux's weakening ability to stop Ayato and the other attackers while Miluse and Tuulia attacked using their crushing wave, forcing them to dodge. Mahulena strengthened the others with her Ogre Lux while creating multiple bullets of light to attack. Julis tried to block them with Livingstone Daisy but failed to catch some of them under the influence of Monica's ability. Miluse along with Tuulia blocked the attackers from getting near Monica, overwhelming them with their abilities. Tuulia managed to trap Ayato within range of her crushing wave though she was forced to guard herself when six patterns of light shot out, one of which almost hit her emblem. Looking at the other side of the arena, the members of Rusalka were shocked to see Saya with a six barreled Lux which she revealed as the Type 41 Lux Homing Blaster Waldenholt Modified.

Before the match, Claudia had told everyone that they needed to watch out for Monica and Mahulena's Ogre Lux, Lyre Poros-Melpomene and Lyre Poros-Thalia, as they had the ability to weaken and strengthen abilities. Because of this she advised her teammates to target the two of them first. She explained her plans to them, having Julis act as an attacker, also mentioning that she would use some of Pan-Dora's time.

Miluse and the other members of Rusalka were shocked at Saya's new weapon though they quickly regained their composure. As Mahulena tried to tell her teammates that they were too far apart, Julis took the opportunity to attempt an attack on Monica, using her Nova Spina to quickly use Gloriosa. However, Paivi blocked the attack, and Ayato and Kirin came to her aid by blocking them off. Bypassing Paivi with her future sight, Claudia attempted an attack on Monica only to be blocked by a strengthened Miluse. Claudia tried to attack Monica while fighting Miluse but she was quickly overpowered, her emblem broken by Monica's attack. At that moment Saya successfully destroyed a distracted Monica's emblem, effectively removing the weakening abilities of Lyre Poros-Melpomene.

With Monica gone, Team Enfield was starting to fight back, however even then they were still at a draw. Seeing that they needed to fight harder, Rusalka activated their Resonance, further strengthening their abilities. Miluse told Team Enfield that Resonance enabled them to draw out Lyre-Poros' true power, prompting Saya to point out that it tired them. Slightly agitated, Miluse and Tuulia moved to finish them off with their combined strengthened crushing wave. Julis used Anthurium Miltu Flos to create multiple walls of flame while Kirin used Hashibami to throw Senbakiri at Miluse, missing her emblem and sticking into her Ogre Lux. Their efforts weren't enough and they were subsequently defeated. The two tried another crushing wave but it was cut in half by Ayato's Meteor Arts, leaving an opening for Saya to attack Miluse. However, their efforts were stopped once again, allowing Miluse to run right up to Saya to attack.