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Volume 7[]

Julis approving on joining Claudia's team for Gryps, Ayato agreed too. Claudia discussed that Pan Dora's Future Seeing ability is not absolute and has a fatal flaw. That Claudia can only charge it to have a max of 300 seconds and that it takes a day to get a second back. She also demonstrated it on Ayato on which every angle that she uses the ability, she will be parried by Ayato.

There was a sparring between Ayato, Claudia, Kirin, Julis and Saya as they formed the team for organizing teamwork. Ayato's pair was Kirin and Claudia was together with Julis. Kirin and Julis fought. Much to the surprise of Ayato, Julis can fight almost on par with Kirin thanks to her new lux. Ayato was a bit concerned on the fight and decided to jump in but was stopped by Kirin and was said not to interfere. On the other hand Claudia managed to slip from Ayato's eyes and attacked Kirin. Both Ayato and Kirin reflected on their actions as Ayato was supposed to fight Claudia and prevent her from interfering while Kirin forgotten that it was a pair battle.

Ayato went on a date with Sylvia Ryuneheim and planned to go to the six schools on Asterisk. They first visited Seidoukan. Sylvia said that Ayato is still very terrible at disguising and lent him a device to change his hair color. Sylvia also discovered that Ayato and the Lord Holy Knight of Garradsworth will be participating in an event called Grand Coliseum. The next place that they visited was Queenvale. While walking together hand in hand, they noticed that the two of them are being followed and decided to split ways for a while and just meet at a different location. Ayato went ahead and managed to meet a practitioner of the Amagiri Style which is currently enrolled at Queensvale. The girl talked to him since on the way that he walks, it is a walk who managed to master the Amagiri Style. After their talk, a huge number of girls was fascinated and surprised that the famous Murakumo visited their place.

On the next day, Ayato went to both Le Wolfe and Garradsworth. On Le Wolfe, they met Priscilia who was serving as a waitress on a restaurant. Priscilia was shocked to know that he was on a date with a beautiful girl. She did not recognize her since she was on a disguise but for Ayato whom she met before and a few more times, she easily recognizes him. When on Garradsworth, some people notified that they spotted Sylvia and they thought that she was roaming around spying about the contestants for Lindvolus, the Student Council President Ernest Fairclough said. But was surprised when she was together with Seidoukan's Murakumo.

On the following day, they visited Arlequint and then Jie Long. On their visit at the final school which is World Dragon, they were spotted by the Student Council President and mentioned that not only Ernest Fairclough will join the Grand Coliseum, but the opponents will be from Arlequint and Jie Long.

Ayato participated as the main contender in the Grand Coliseum. Upon knowing Garradsworth strongest swordsman also participated and that the obstacles where both made by Arlequint and Jie Long, Sylvia joined the event.

Sylvia, after receiving a call from Ayato after the incident said to herself that she fell in love with him.