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Volume 6[]

After the incident at the Phoenix Festa, Ayato, Lester, Claudia, Eishirou, Saya and Kirin were invited to go to Lieseltania, the hometown of Julis. Of all the invitees, the only ones able to go were Ayato, Claudia, Saya and Kirin. As they were about to depart from Asterisk, Ayato received a call from Sylvia saying that she wants to have a date with him when she comes back. Much to the displeasure of the girls, they asked Ayato why he accepted her invitation. Ayato was next seen with Kirin boarding a plane. However, she had difficulty walking inside as it was her first time. They first went to Germany to visit Saya's father for her Lux. After that, they went to Lieseltania via land transportation. Ayato was asked to sit beside Julis at the back of the car. Upon arriving to Lieseltania, they saw a huge amount of people waving to them. As they waved their hands, Julis expressed her displeasure because she asked her brother, the King of Lieseltania, to not make a big deal of her return.

After the talk of Julis and her brother, they were asked to change their clothes as there will be a party at night. Ayato arrived with Julis locking her arm to his. Everyone was pleased to the result of the Phoenix. They asked questions as to why the princess chose him as her partner to which both of them blushed. While on the balcony, a mysterious man approached Ayato and asked him not to participate on the Gryps together with Claudia as it will not please a certain amount of people. They were then attacked by a flying creature. Even without using Ser Veresta, Ayato and Julis were able to subjugate and kill the creature before it was able to harm people.

In the morning, Lieseltania increased the guards on town. Ayato and the others had a talk about what to do next. The king came in and reported to them the actions down by his men. After their discussion, King Jobert asked them to leave the room except for Ayato and Julis as they have some very important matters to discuss. Julis and Ayato dumbfounded as to what the king will ask to them as he needed the others to leave, the king said that he has two questions. The first was towards Ayato. He asked Ayato if he wants to be the husband of Julis. The two were shocked and had a loss of words to the question. Julis explained that Ayato only fought to protect her and that their relationship was not what he thinks. The king still thinks otherwise. Ayato responded as to why would he ask for that. The king said that he wants his sister to be herself also the Integrated Enterprise Foundation might make a move sooner than later due to the fame that Julis got after winning the Phoenix. That she might be assigned to a political marriage. Ayato replied that he does not want to be the shackles that will bind Julis, thus this words made Julis blush again. The king rephrased his words and asked him "What if Julis wants you to be the shackles that will bind her?". Ayato, lost for words, replied with "When that time comes, I will think about it". The second question was for Julis not to participate on the Gryps as he might lose his position as king. She replied with a no and made a run for it. The king asked Ayato if he could convince Julis for him and replied that he will not do that.

Ayato was next seen on the orphanage with Julis talking with the sisters and the children. They had a talk about when Julis was young and how much trouble and help she gives to the people. Suddenly their talk stops when Julis saw Ophelia, Le Wolfe's Rank #1 and the Strongest Strega, she chased Ophelia and Ayato came after her. Ayato asked Julis for him to come with her in which she agrees. Ophelia and Julis had a talk but due to the disagreement of Ophelia, Julis challenged Ophelia and if she wins, Ophelia will stop what she was doing and go back to the orphanage. Suddenly Ophelia released a big amount of prana. Ayato was shocked that he was able to see prana that is bigger than his. Ayato immediately entered his unsealed state and used cognition. As Julis did not last very long to Ophelia, as when she was about to be dealt with the finishing blow, Ayato stepped in and stopped her assault. Ophelia attacked Ayato with her poison mist. Much to her surprise, the mist vanished in just one swing of Ser Veresta, But after that swing, Ayato immediately fell from his knees and stopped moving. Ophelia said that her poison is consisted of different kinds that she can make a poison that is not visible to the eyes. Ophelia, feeling that Ayato will be a threat if left behind, tried to kill him but Claudia immediately appeared with Pan Dora in her hands. Ophelia and Dirk Eberwein withdraws.

Ayato woke up in the castle room. Julis said that Ayato was unconscious for three days, She said that Ophelia's poison saps away the prana of her opponents and since Ayato has an insane amount of prana, it was not surprising if he will stay unconscious for three days. Ayato asked as to why does she knows Ophelia, she responded that she and Ophelia were once friends. Ophelia was a child from the orphanage and she can tell that from the very beginning, Ophelia is not a Strega. But it all changed when she encountered the Magnum Opus. The Magnum Opus is a great doctor in which experimenting the meteorites and the Genestella. She successfully made Ophelia into a Strega with the power of poison. Julis also mentioned that the way Ophelia uses her powers shortens her lifespan as she uses excessive amounts of prana and that her ability is damaging her as well. She can tell that since she too is a Strega herself. That excessive use of their power will kill them faster. Julis did not mention any other thing as she knows that both Saya and Kirin who was beside Ayato is just pretending to be asleep.

Everyone on Lieseltania panicked to the fact that there was a potential threat to attack their town. They increased their men. Much to Julis' concern, she immediately went to the orphanage with her shortcut. She was followed by Ayato, Kirin and Saya. They soon saw a giant demonic dragon while the person summoned it planned to run away.

That person running was chased by Kirin and Julis while Ayato and Saya fought the dragon.

Ayato receives a call that his sister was already found.