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Volume 5[]

Flora was kidnapped by someone and asked not for a ransom but for Ayato not to use the Ser Veresta on the upcoming matches.

The first match of the Semi Finals was Kirin and Saya against Rimsi and Ardi, Ayato is together with Julis while watching the match.

The second match was Julis and Ayato against Garradsworth's Rank #12 Elliot Forster and Rank #11 Doroteo Remus. Julis defeated Doroteo and Ayato managed to defeat Elliot without using Ser Veresta.

Ayato and Julis still hadn't received any news from Saya and Kirin as they went to rescue Flora. The match between Ayato and Julis against Ardi and Rimsi was about to start.

Every move that Ayato made before, along with how he destroyed the puppets of Cyrus, Rimsi and Ardi, already had data regarding that as they both were made by Ernesta herself. Same for Ayato. And since the Conjoined Cranes of Kirin did not even work against the magic barrier, it was proven to be quite a hindrance. Rimsi and Ardi decided to fuse again as there was still uncertainty according to their data that they would beat the two even if Ayato was not using his Ogre Lux.

Ayato asked Julis to step back as he will immediately defeat one of them to prevent the fusion. Just a moment before the fusion was done, a mechanical voice announced Camilia Pareto's School Badge had broken. But unfortunately, it was a little too late as the fusion was complete.

Successive attacks were aimed at Julis. To top it off, the magical barrier was too tough for them. Julis decided to make a barrier of flames while Ayato poured every last drop of his prana into defense. Ardi was surprised to see them standing after receiving the first blow.

At the verge of losing, Claudia stole the mic from the commentator and said that Flora was successfully saved and that both him and Julis could fight to their heart's content. Ayato immediately pulled out Ser Veresta to counter the same move from before by Ardi. Ayato was surprised that Ardi managed to repel his Ser Veresta. It was due to multiple defensive barriers that resulted in that phenomenon. Ayato tried to aim at Ardi's school badge. The Ser Veresta and Ardi's hammer violently clashed and scattered sparks.

After Ardi managed to repel Ayato's attacks, he leaps back, re-positioning himself to counter Julis' dragon. However, Ayato did not allow it and used Six Slaughter Wasps. With that, it was sure that one of their moves would definitely hit him. Ardi roared and blue light gushed from his body sending Ayato flying while the dragon disappeared.

Ayato and Julis recognized the Ulm Mana Dite that Ardi and Rimsi was using as Gravi-Sheath, the Ogre Lux which Ayato destroyed in his fight with the Ursaiz sisters. Ayato told Julis that he should have figured it out sooner. That no matter how many magic barriers there were, they should not be able to parry against Ser Veresta. The two were terrified that Ardi, being an Ogre Lux that held Gravi-Sheath, could go berserk like before. And worse, that Ardi's personality was the personality of Gravi-Sheath itself.

As Ardi attacked Ayato, Ayato managed to block it but it was heavier than before. Julis used Rafflesia to attack Ardi but much to her surprise, there were several barriers around him causing the petals to be destroyed. Ardi returned the favor and put the energy of the Ulm Mana Dite in a compressed sphere. The compressed energy was released all at once. The explosion was so big that it covered the entire stage. Julis screamed in pain while Ayato was blown away.

Ayato was about to lose consciousness but due to the acute pain, he managed to stay awake. He was shocked that the entire stage was destroyed by a single attack. Ardi fell to his knees due to the amount of energy that he put into the previous attack. Ayato made a stance and said that he cannot get away in that state.

Ayato heard Julis. She asked him if they still have a chance of winning. Ayato said that if he can surpass him on speed, he could go for a bout. Julis said that Ser Veresta adjusts to the form that the user is most suited with. But for some reason, Ayato is still stuck with that great sword. Julis asked him to reduce the amount of Prana and he replied that he is terrible at Prana Adjustments. Julis said that she will do it and asked Ayato to let her touch Ser Veresta. After Julis touched Ser Veresta, she immediately pulled out her hands since she was burned heavily just from a quick touch. The next solution that she proposed is for Ayato to use Meteor Arts. Julis used Alexandrite and her Prana poured into Ayato's, The flame was lit as it was coiling around Ser Veresta. Ayato imagined his ideal sword. It was a bit longer than Kirin's Senbakiri and that the black pattern and the flames are alternately intertwined making it very beautiful.

As Julis fully lost her strength, Ayato gently lies her down. Ayato attacked Ardi and was surprised that it was very light and that his sword speed had doubled. Ardi was only barely able to block the attack with the hammer. Ayato could not keep up with the exchanging of blows with the condition of his body. Ayato can now dodge with a very small margin making his attacks sharper. Ardi grabbed Ayato but Ayato only used the hammer as a stepping stone. Ayato then used the Moon of Bloodshed, Ayato did not even see if his attack managed to hit Ardi and that he could not even stand. Ayato then heard a mechanical voice saying that Ernesta Kuhne's badge is broken and that him and Julis was declared the winner.