Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Wiki

Volume 4[]

Against another pair of World dragon, Ayato and Julis was in a bind since the opponent might abuse the time limit of Ayato thus making it a battle of attrition.

Ayato's time limit came. Being only barely able to dodge their attacks, Ayato asked Julis to fight the two and buy him some time. Julis was fighting them while Ayato was meditating on unlocking the second seal. Julis was pushed to her limits and was about to be overwhelmed when suddenly, an insane amount of prana flooded the stadium. All three in the stadium were shocked to see Ayato. Julis asked him what happened and he replied that unlocking the second seal was successful. There wasn't any significant change to his power but the prana that was leaking out before was now contained in his body. She then asked how long he could maintain it. He responded, after estimating the amount of prana he had before to what he had now, "About more than an hour". Julis, lost for words, asked Ayato to let her to rest to which Ayato agreed.

The field still had talisman and some were invisible. He tried entering Cognition since it sharpened his senses. He could not use it before since the noise that the pillar of prana was making rendered it impossible to enter cognition.

The match ended after Ayato had thrown the last opponent thus declaring Ayato and Julis the winner.