Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Wiki

Volume 2[]

Ayato was running towards the training room of Julis when he bumped with a girl with white hair. Both tried to evade but since they went to the same direction, they clashed. After their encounter, Ayato was in the training room parrying and evading Julis' attacks. Julis thought that she had won until he sliced through her Gloriosa. Ayato and Julis was talking about the different people stronger than Julis. He asked who was the winner of last year's Lindvolus. Julis responded to him that her name is The Ereshkigal, Ophelia. She was known to be the strongest Strega who specializes with Poison Area.

Ayato and Julis was first visited by Lester and Saya then followed by Claudia, Ernesta Kuhne and Camilia Pareto. Ernesta wanted to see the swordsman who cut through her created puppets. Due to the shock of Ayato, she whispered, "I wonder if that would still be the same next time." and kissed him.

Ayato was next seen with Eishirou talking about Arlequint and the factions inside it in exchange for lunch. The two then saw and heard the girl that he bumped with before getting slapped. Before the second slap came, Ayato stopped the old man. The old man said that he is Kirin's uncle. The uncle promised to comply with Ayato on one condition, and that is to defeat Kirin on a duel. Ayato released his seal and activated Ser Veresta. Series of attacks came from Kirin but Ayato was able to dodge every attack of hers. Julis came and was surprised that the one who was fighting Toudou Kirin was her very own partner. She saw Eishirou and he told Julis that Ayato was clearly not familiar with on how the duel within the Academy goes. Also, he mentioned that he was making too many huge movements and concluded that it might be because that the Ser Veresta was so huge letting Kirin being able to dodge and block his attacks.

Ayato felt that he was about to reach his 5 minutes limit and decided to end the match. Kirin mentioned that he was panicking thus he made a wrong move in the last second thus she was able to cut his badge. Julis dragged him away from the audience since the time limit is near. She also asked him why did he battle Seidoukan's Rank #1. Ayato lost for words as he was surprised that she's rank one despite her age.

Ayato discussed to Julis that he just couldn't stand the fact that her uncle is just hitting her. Julis agreed and said that she would be disappointed if he didn't step in. Julis said to him that she was not mad because he fought someone, it is because he lost. She said that they could be assigned to easier opponents if he is Rank #1. She also discussed that on Seidoukan, there are only 3 people that she has absolutely no chance of defeating on a battle. They are Ayato, Kirin and Claudia. Ayato asked why Claudia and Julis responded that she is the current Rank #2. Ayato was surprised but also wondered and asked her, how about the 3rd and 4th. She said that she can beat them. But against the Rank #7 who has an Ogre Lux, she mentioned that she has a slim chance of winning.

Ayato met Kirin again and the two talked about their duel. Ayato was surprised that she was only 13 years old with a very developed body. Kirin also mentioned that the amount of Prana that he was inserting towards Ser Veresta is insane. Ayato asked Kirin to train with each other. They went jogging in the morning. Kirin mentioned that they should put weights since it is a form of training and also restrains their max speed to which Ayato agreed.

Ayato and Kirin then saw a beast and went to attack it. Ayato released his seal and Kirin went for the attack. After the battle, they submerged into the water. Ayato removed immediately the weights then went to see Kirin. Kirin said that she cannot swim. Ayato, since he unsealed his power for more than 5 minutes, the recoil came. Kirin saw that he was in pain and asked that if his power was sealed and that he would suffer that pain whenever he exceeds the time limit, Ayato responded that he is fighting for Julis. Kirin thought that they are dating and that he is in love with her. Since their clothes are wet, they dried it first by going naked and back to back with each other.

Ayato was next seen accepting the challenge of Kirin. Since Ayato knew that it was coming, he made sure to have another lux since Ser Veresta is not fit with him fighting at high speeds. Their duel was being watched by a big number of people. Ayato, using only a normal lux parries the attacks of Kirin. Kirin then followed by her Conjoined Cranes. She was surprised since Ayato was the first one to dodge/block it. Kirin used the Conjoined Cranes again and as Ayato attacked her, they thought that the Meteo Arts that he was about to do failed. Only to notice that he changed weapon from sword to spear. Kirin shocked about him using spear, attacked again and when she thought that she had seen an opening, she immediately was parried with a kodaichi type of a lux. Kirin was on a pinch since the stamina consumption of Conjoined Cranes was big that she could only do it a couple of times more. She used Conjoined Cranes and was about to finish the duel. But suddenly, Ayato grabbed her collar and threw her down the ground. She was having difficulty in breathing due to the fact that the blow blew away the air at her lungs and was about to cry with the pain she felt. Then it was announced that Ayato was the winner of the duel.

After Ayato's second duel with Kirin, he became Seidoukan's Rank #1. He made a killing intent to her uncle due to him saying that not only she fought a duel he did not approved but also lost. Julis also stepped forward. The uncle suddenly noticed Claudia and backed away.