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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2 Ginki Kakusei (学戦都市アスタリスク 02 銀綺覚醒) is the second volume of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk light novel.


Following the incident, Amagiri Ayato and Julis Riessfeld become a tag. They begin preparing for the Phoenix by training their coordination - however, in the midst of that, Ayato meets a certain girl. Toudou Kirin, a girl with long silver hair and cuteness similar to a small animal. She was Seidoukan Academy Rank 1 student, the Shippuu Jinrai, even though she was only 13 years old! Following Ayato reprimanding her uncle for treating her badly, he is forced to duel Kirin! "You're kind, Amagiri-senpai, but I can't afford to lose!" Fast swords cross each other and a new conflict blooms in Asterisk!


  • Chapter 1: Rikka Garden Conference
  • Chapter 2: Secret Maneuvers of the Dusk Owl
  • Chapter 3: Shippuu Jinrai
  • Chapter 4: Complicated Thoughts
  • Chapter 5: The Girl's True Face
  • Chapter 6: The Evil Power in the Mist
  • Chapter 7: Determination and Duel
  • Epilogue