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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 13 Gunyuu Unka (学戦都市アスタリスク 13 群雄雲霞) is the thirteenth volume of the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk light novel.


The greatest Festa in history begins!

One year has passed since the fierce battles of the Gryps tournament, and now all the schools are preparing for the decisive moment of the Lindvolus, the Festa of Festas. Ayato is taking part to save Haruka's life; all his training has led up to this. Meanwhile, his previous partner, Julis, has her own reasons why losing is not an option. The two parted ways when Julis decided training together would be unwise, and their relationship hasn't yet recovered. With such a strong field of competitors, Madiath Mesa declares this will be the greatest Lindvolus in history...!


  • Chapter 1: Yachigusa Akari Two
  • Chapter 2: Yachigusa Akari Three
  • Chapter 3: Lindwurm Begins
  • Chapter 4: Prelims One
  • Chapter 5: Prelims Two
  • Chapter 6: Prelims Three
  • Chapter 7: Fetal Movement
  • Chapter 8: Counterattack Preparations
  • Chapter 9: Fourth Round
  • Epilogue