Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Wiki

Volume 1[]

Ayato, a new student in both the city Rikka/Asterisk and at the school of Seikoudan Academy, accidentally catches Julis changing during an attempt to return her lost handkerchief. After a brief exchange in which she thanks him for returning the handkerchief, she attacks him for peeping. He is challenged to a duel after a series of Prana powered attacks, and as a crowd forms, Julis explains duels and ranks at Seikoudan Academy, and why such a crowd is forming. As he is without a weapon, a random spectator lends him a sword at Julis' request, and Ayato reluctantly accepts the challenge. Ayato manages to dodge one of Julis' strongest attacks with his Meteor Arts. Moments later, he pushes her down in order to save her from a surprise attack from an outside party, and accidentally touches her chest in the process. Ayato is soon saved from Julis' righteous fury from a mysterious voice.

Claudia Enfield, student council president of Seikoudan Academy, intervenes to stop the duel, on the basis that Ayato is not yet an official student due to one last procedure being unfinished and so the duel would not have been valid. Sending off the crowd of students, Claudia tells Julis the disciplinary committee would oversee the case, and Julis thanks Ayato apologetically. Claudia takes Ayato to the student council room, explaining to him why the school needs new but also strong students. Ayato asks if Claudia knows of his sister, Amagiri Haruka, to which the response is that practically all records of a certain female student were deleted. Upon being asked what his true reason on attending was, he replies that it is to find a goal worthy of striving for. Claudia then informs him about Ogre Lux weapons, and he infers from her cryptic but carefully chosen statements that his sister had once used one. When Ayato asks about the last procedure, Claudia has him close her eyes and suddenly hugs him from behind, to his surprise. The procedure turns out to be fabricated, in order to handle the situation quickly. Ayato is then sent to class, and is told to sit next to Julis herself. He meets Yabuki Eishirou, his new roommate, and is bombarded with questions due to his duel with Julis, a Page One. Eishirou tells him about Julis, and as Eishirou prepares to leave, Ayato returns to him the Lux that was lent to him by Eishirou that morning.

Ayato, after stopping Lester, asked Julis to tour him around the academy as well as the city. He had a reunion with his childhood friend Saya Sasamiya. Julis and Saya gave Ayato a tour in the academy and when Ayato planned to buy drinks, Saya asked Julis the reasons why she is giving him a tour. After the explanation of Julis, feeling that Saya underestimated her abilities asked her to test Sasamiya's theory. But just before they start, guys on cape attacked them. As they responded back, another guy on cape appeared and blocked Julis' attack, Saya made her move and much to Julis' surprise, she was carrying a big grenade launcher capable of emitting Meteor Arts. After that, the attackers withdraw and Ayato came back with the two girls wet due to Saya's attack on the fountain.

The disciplinary committee came and asked Julis some questions. Ayato is then seen talking with Claudia about the incident where Julis was involved. On their way, they met Lester and he was discussing to Ayato about the Ogre Luxes, that sheer power alone is not enough to tame them. Much to the surprise of Claudia, Lester chose Ser Veresta, and when the compatibility test was going, the first match was about 32 percent, his second try became 28 percent then 17 percent then went to the negative area. At this point, the blade of Ser Veresta changed from the purple color before to a black blade and it was responding to Ayato and pointed its blade on him. After the assaults of the blade, Ayato was able to hold the grip and impale it to the ground. The compatibility turned to be 97 percent much to the shock of everyone.

Ayato went on the city with Julis for her promise to give him a tour. At lunch, they ate at a fast food restaurant and much to Ayato's surprise, asked Julis if she really is a princess. Julis said that it was stereotypical and she heard it from a friend from her town. After some serious talk between the two, Lester was seen eavesdropping between them and challenges Julis to a duel, which she declined. Ayato stepped in to warn Lester about the attacker of Julis. Larry tried to stop him by saying that Lester always fights fair and Cyrus followed up with he is not the type of person to wait for someone to duel and then ambush them. The words of Cyrus gave suspicion to Julis. After the three left, Ayato and Julis was walking together and saw a number of people from Le Wolfe fighting each other. Julis told Ayato that it was a trap that Le Wolfe always does to attack their target. After Julis fried them, she asked questions regarding their employer. He pointed out a guy in a cape. That guy in a cape made a run for it and Julis followed him. Ayato who was behind her warned Julis that it's dangerous to chase him and suddenly, it was an ambush, continuous attacks rains on Julis. Ayato saw a third one coming and warned Julis, she saw that the third attacker changed its target from her to Ayato. Ayato parried the attack with his Lux but got a part of his clothes torn.

Ayato was seen again in the room of Julis. Julis asked Ayato to remove his clothes to sew them. Ayato roams around the room of Julis and saw a picture. He asked Julis about it and it turns out that it was an orphanage built by her mother. The funds of her mother is running out and that she cannot use her money as a princess since it would not be allowed as there would not be a single profit. And in order to save the orphanage, she entered Seidoukan Academy to be able to gain money. Ayato was very pleased with the reason of Julis for the Festas.

Ayato was next seen with Eishirou. While walking towards their seats, the two saw Julis reading a paper with a very serious look. Later after class, the two was bothered and Claudia came in. After hearing their reasons, Claudia said that its not a good idea since it is most likely that it came from her attacker. Ayato then received a mail from Saya saying that she was lost and she was at the Redevelopment Area and she saw Julis just now, running. Ayato immediately runs toward the destination but before he left, Claudia gave him the Ser Veresta.

Ayato was next seen when Julis was about to be dealt with a finishing blow. He saved Julis from the puppets of Cyrus Norman which has resistance to the attacks of Julis. Ayato saw Lester unconscious after being attacked by a heavy built puppet. Even if the puppet of Cyrus being resistant to flames, it wasn't able to withstand the Ser Veresta. Ayato asking Julis "who's going to protect you?". He then said that he volunteers for the position and went all out. Much to the surprise of Cyrus, Ayato (while still holding Julis on his arms) suddenly vanished. Ayato was next seen behind Cyrus. Even Julis cannot comprehend on what just happened since it was like changing channels of a television. Julis struggles since she thought that she might be a hindrance to him and asked him to put her down. Ayato declined as she would be attacked if Ayato leave her be. He also mentioned that Ser Veresta was too light. Ayato keeps on dodging every attack of the puppets and finally was able to deduce their actions. That Cyrus can operate efficiently at most is 16 pieces and that his power was similar to chess itself. Even if there was one hundred puppets, aside from the 16, all the others can do was either pull the trigger or move their wrists. After being able to deduce the movements of the puppets, Ayato swiftly destroyed the puppets. Cyrus then summoned his queen. Ayato used an Amagiri Bright Dragon Technique to cut down the queen. Julis was surprised as to how fast was Ayato's movements. She cannot even tell how many slashes Ayato made for that technique.

Ayato is then seen lying on the lap of Julis right after a number of seal appeared and sealed his powers again. Julis asked Ayato as to what was that all about. Ayato explains that it was a seal placed by his sister in the past. His sister, Haruka, is a Strega which can bind all creations and was said to be the previous owner of Ser Veresta. He mentioned that he cannot call it his full power as he cannot control it completely. Ayato again proposes to Julis to be her partner in the upcoming Phoenix Festa. Julis blushing to the reason that Ayato wants to protect her and fight only for her.