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Arlequint Academy (アルルカント・アカデミー) is one of the six schools in Asterisk.


Arlequint Emblem.png

The current Arlequint Academy student council president is Sakon Shuuma. They are governed by Frauenlob. The Arlequint emblem is the dusk owl. They were originally a weak school along with Queenvail but grew stronger due to their research. Their technology is far superior to the other schools. Arlequint is result oriented and is separated into the research class and the practice class. Unlike the other schools, Arlequint's infighting is fierce, with the research class having different factions. The factions are Ferrovius (獅子派), Pygmalion (彫刻派), Sonnet (黒夫人派), Methuselah (思想派), and Tenorio (超人派). A considerable amount of freedom is permitted regarding research; however, as the Integrated Enterprise Foundation funds their research, their freedom is somewhat limited.



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