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Arlequint Academy (アルルカント・アカデミー) is one of the six schools in Asterisk. They were ranked #2 in the school rankings in the season prior to the start of the story.


Arlequint Emblem

The current Arlequint Academy student council president is Sakon Shuuma. They are governed by Frauenlob. The Arlequint emblem is the dusk owl. They were originally a weak school along with Queenvail but grew stronger due to their research. Their technology is far superior to the other schools, and they boast some of the best meteoric engineering technology in the world. It is the only school with an R&D department, and is known to aggressively promote Ogra Lux research and development. As a result of certain events in the series, a joint partnership was established with Seidoukan (who provided 70% of the funding) which resulted in the development of a new lux type, the Rect Lux. This lux is currently only available to students of the two schools.

Arlequint is result oriented and is separated into the research class and the practical class, with the research class having the majority of influence. While Strega and Dantes have a system of special privileges in the practical class, very few of them chose to be enrolled in Arlequint due to the fact that Strega and Dantes are almost treated as guinea pigs by the research class.

Unlike the other schools, Arlequint's infighting is fierce, with the research class having different factions who fight over talented students and the R&D budget. The factions are Ferrovius (獅子派), Pygmalion (彫刻派), Sonnet (黒夫人派), Methuselah (思想派), and Tenorio (超人派). A considerable amount of freedom is permitted regarding research; however, as the Integrated Enterprise Foundation funds their research, their freedom is somewhat limited.

The current most influential faction is Ferrovius, which include Camilla and Sakon.


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