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Amagiri Sakura (天霧 桜), formerly known as Yachigusa Akari (八薙草 朱莉), is Haruka and Ayato's mother.


Sakura was born to the Yachigusa family, a prestigious old family that was steadily losing its influence due to sticking to old methods rather than embracing the changes brought about by the Invertia, and blamed said event for their misfortune. She was already hated by her family for being born a genestellar, her father kicked out of the house, but to make things worse, she was unable to properly control her strega ability as a baby, causing electronics made by meteor engineering to malfunction. Eventually, her mother became bedridden, leading to her confinement in the annex.

When she was ten, a party was held to celebrate her grandfather's 70th birthday, which she wasn't allowed to attend, however she sensed a presence outside of the annex, and she met Toudou Kotoha for the first time. The two talked for a while, and Akari was confused when Kotoha referred to her as a friend, nevertheless she accepted it. Soon after, two men approached them, intent on kidnapping Kotoha, though Akari easily defeated them even though the men were also genestellar. This incident brought a change to her life, her family allowing her to play with Kotoha and even go to school with her, as they didn't want to miss the chance to be on good terms with the Rokujou family.

Despite her family allowing her to go to school, her mother, who eventually had to be hospitalized, opposed Akari leaving the house until the end, and refused to meet with her at the hospital. Later on, during the winter before their high school graduation, Akari and Kotoha talked about what they'd do after graduating, with Kotoha announcing that she'd marry Toudou Seijirou. That night, while remembering their conversation, Akari asked her family to allow her to go to Asterisk, and to her surprise they didn't oppose it as much as she thought they would, though they accepted it on two conditions: one, they wouldn't pay for any of her expenses at all, and two, they forbid her from bringing any attention to the Yachigusa house, which meant that she couldn't be ranked or participate in a festa.

She later won the Phoenix Festa with Madiath Mesa. Later on in life she remarried to Amagiri Masatsugu and gave birth to Ayato, while changing her name to Sakura.


Strega: As a Strega, Sakura was able to completely stop the movement of mana within her ability's effect range, enabling her to negate the abilities of Dante, Strega, Lux, and Orga Lux. However, once activated, she is unable to turn off the effects of her own ability by herself.

Skilled Fighter: Although she had no experience with martial arts, Sakura became a skilled fighter through self training.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Sakura had enhanced physical ability and has an aura known as prana.