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Amagiri Haruka (天霧 遥) is Ayato's half sister. After participating in the Eclipse, she was in a self induced coma like state until a little while after the Gryps, where she was woken with the help of Hilda Jane Rowlands. After waking up, she joins the Stjarnagarm.


Haruka has two low pigtails, and wears black horn-rimmed glasses. She wears a school uniform with boots.


Haruka appears to be very lively and gentle towards Ayato, but can also be quite stern. Her first priority is to protect Ayato. She dislikes her glasses, but wears them when fighting.


Haruka is Ayato's elder sister, by five or six years. Due to their mother's death, Haruka took her place, acting as a mother figure to Ayato. Haruka was also trained in the family dojo and taught Ayato the family technique, Amagiri Shinmeiryuu.

Five years before the story, Haruka was contacted by Laminamors, who claimed to be her real father, and was invited to take part in the Golden Bough Alliance's plan. She tried to refuse, however he threatened to harm Ayato, forcing her to comply with his demands, though she sealed Ayato with her ability in order to prevent him from following her. Madiath gave her a student profile and the Ser-Veresta.

Right before the plan could take place, she destroyed the rocket along with the launch platform, and defeated Ecnart, who was considered to be an important part of the plan, but used up all of her strength and was captured. She later fought Madiath in the Eclipse to take part in the plan again but was defeated and had a shard of Raksha-Nada inserted inside of her.


Amagiri Shinmeiryuu (天霧辰明流): Haruka uses the Amagiri Shinmeiryuu as her main method of attack. Unlike Ayato, Haruka has mastered almost all of the Amagiri Shinmeiryuu's systemized techniques, therefore making her more adept at them than he is. In addition, she is far more proficient than him, so even if they used the same technique with the same weapon, hers would be far more effective.

Strega (魔女): As a Strega, Haruka can forcibly bind things using seals. According to Ayato, she despises this power.

Genestellar (星脈世代): As a Genestellar, Haruka has enhanced physical ability and has an aura known as prana.

Orga Lux: Haruka wielded the Orga Lux Ser-Veresta until her defeat in the Eclipse Tournament.


Beginning Level

  • Hitouran (緋刀乱)

Medium Level

  • Futatsumizuchi: Kaeshi (貳蛟龍・反)
  • Itsurase (逸螺瀬)
  • Shichikura (志知鞍)

Deep Level

  • Gyakurasetsu (逆羅刹): Haruka directs her opponents' attacks in order to make them kill each other.

Two Swords

Beginning Level

  • Futatsuimojiri (貳蟷螂): Haruka holds her swords in reverse and stabs them down at her opponent's shoulders like scythes.

Medium Level

  • Narakumo (奈落蜘蛛): Haruka moves in on her opponent, then slashes right diagonally, horizontally to the right, twists her body and thrusts with her right, slashes left diagonally, horizontally to the left, twists her body and thrusts with her left, then thrusts with her right again for a total of seven strikes on the same spot.

Hand to Hand Sword

  • Totsukami: Kasane (砥柄壬・連): Haruka holds her sword in reverse, then slams the pommel into the sides of her opponent's body.


  • Shiki (識): Haruka expands her perception to the limit and gathers information on her opponents and surroundings using various sources such as movements, prana flow, sounds, and air flow. Using this, she is able to sense invisible things and predict where attacks will land.


Amagiri Ayato

Haruka and Ayato have had a very close relationship since their childhood. Seeing his power grow, she had no choice but to put a powerful seal on him in order to keep his power in check.


  • Though her ability as a Strega is to bind all creation, for a time, she ironically wielded the Ser-Veresta, whose ability is to burn all creation.