Abend Fravard
 Japanese アーベント・フラワルド
 Romaji Aabento Furawarudo
• Characteristics•
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Bluish Gray
 Eye Color Yellow
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Seidoukan Academy
 Previous Affiliation Azdaja
 Occupation Engineer
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Genestellar No
• Debuts•
 Game Kirameki no Stella

Abend Fravard (アーベント・フラワルド) is a hired engineer for Seidoukan Academy and the main antagonist of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Festa Kirameki no Stella. He is later revealed to be a member of Azdaja.


Lost Lux (滅星煌式武装): During the events of Kirameki no Stella, Abend created the Lost Lux, powering it from prana stolen from dozens of students. The Lost Lux he created was destroyed, though the experiment data was collected by his organization.


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