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Absolute Refusal Defended Type, better known as AR-D, is one of Ernesta Kühne's puppets.


AR-D has a voice that is blunt and haughty which is unlike a machine. He is also arrogant, telling Moritz and Gerd that they were going to be stepping stones just to prove their capabilities, and that he would let them attack without retaliation for a whole minute. Despite so, he is shown to be rather dim-witted, comical, and eager to please; a trait that irks RM-C quite a bit. AR-D is also unwilling to take back anything he says lest it dirty his master's name. However, after his battle against Saya and Kirin, he begins to respect his opponents, even opting to keep a scar on his head from Kirin's blade.


Defense Barrier

Defense Barrier (防御障壁): AR-D can project walls of light that are powerful enough to easily block strong attacks such as Moritz's Borea Spira and Borea Mordent, moves renowned for their destructive potential. Saya theorizes that it is an application of the Defense Barrier that is used to protect the crowd during matches. This move has been nicknamed Absolute Barrier (絶対防壁) by others. AR-D can also project this barrier in front of RM-C, though it is weaker the farther away he is. After combining with RM-C, he is able to create multiple walls. AR-D can also compress and bind together multiple walls to block the Ser-Veresta.

  • Defense Barrier Sphere: AR-D creates several Defense Barriers that he forms into a large sphere that he fills with energy. He then compresses it in his hand and the energy is released when he opens it. The force from the blast is able to destroy the Sirius Dome stage.

Lux: AR-D wield a Giant Hammer Lux named Wolnir Hammer (ウォルニール・ハンマー) that is as tall as himself with a head that is as big as Mortiz's wingspan. He is able to launch the head at his opponents. After combining with RM-C, he is able to launch the head multiple times.

Combination (合体): AR-D is able to combine with RM-C by receiving her flight unit and armor, greatly increasing his strength. RM-C has complete control over the decision to do this.